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How many adults to bring child to school!

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My mind boggles!! I have a new starter who is doing four sessions over three days. The first day Mum and great Gran bring her to school, (the Mum is very young, so I think Great Gran lends lots of support) The child is very strong willed but also quite insecure, so we are getting a balance of being kind and supportive but also quite firm with her. We are gradually getting there and the screaming and temper tantrums are becoming shorter. Yesterday morning five members of the family bring her to school, Mum, Great Gran, Great Uncle, Great uncles partner and her son!!! All of them saying different things to try and placate her!! As soon as I was able to whip the child away from them I did and she settled eventually. I was hoping it was a one of, but no in they all come today (minus Mum) who in my opinion is the only person this little girl needs to bring her to school. I managed to cut them off in the playground and asked very politely could just Great Gran bring her in as it was too unsettling to have everyone there!! Not sure it went down very well, but my concern is for the child. Would you have done the same?

Just have to add, five adults to bring her to school and not one of them remembers to bring a coat or jumper for her!!!!!. AHHHH am going slightly mad all ready and its only the second week.

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I had something similar last year. Sadly family and extended family did not see my point so just had to put up with it. Child was a poor attender because when he got to gate and said he did not want to come to nursery there was always someone to stay at home with him!

Zigzag think you did right thing only other thing you can do is ask if all want newsletters or whatever communications you send out to make them all feel included.

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