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So Ofsted came following the complaint!


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Hi all,

The regulatory inspector came today to investigate the complaint the parent had made regarding the child with behaviour issues at our nursery which I posted about last month. It is finally over - the case is closed. She was completely satisfied with what we were doing in the setting and said we were doing over and above what can be expected - I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to hear.

My strongest piece of advise I can give anyone in the same situation is to document everything, log all your communications and contact Ofsted with your concerns. It is only because we contacted Ofsted before the angry parent did that we prevented a full inspection.


It was such a wonderful relief to tell my lovely practitioners that it was ok and that it was finally over today!


Thank you so much for all of your support and advice



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Guest youngrisers

So glad to hear this think Parents make so many complaints because they think they can now....

Wish they sometimes wore the other shoe and were in our place doing our job on our salaries....

Rant over

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