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Pre School is their Reception - Planning for Phonics and Numbers


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I work in a Nursery in the pre school room, and I am responsible for a group of children who are going to school in September so their reception is pre school.

I was wondering how to plan for them, I have introduced the sound/letter of the week and I use the Read, Write, Inc by Ruth Miskin which is extremely recommended, however as it is completely new for them I don't want to sit them down and teach them, as I think it will be a big jump and a little intense for them.

I have worked in a reception class briefly and the method of teaching is more structured so I would like them to get used to it, but not so strict, as they are used to the free flow activities in the nursery.

I was thinking of planning for an hour or less a day, mixed with phonics, numbers, and shapes to prepare them for reception, but I'm a little stuck on ideas and how to implement it in a fun way!!


Hope it makes sense.




Ms Daisy x

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Hi Ms Daisy and welcome to the forum :1b

I am also confused (doesn't take much really :blink: :D )

Some of my 'older group' are ready to think about letters and the sounds they make.......today we have had great fun finding 'things' that start with the initial sound 't' - we just gathered all of these 'things' together on a tray - e.g. a torch, a train, a tractor, a tin......you get the idea! :rolleyes: We also enjoyed 'Ten Tiny Tadpoles' as our whole group story......does that help at all? :1b

I might play a 'memory game' with these 't' items later in the week .......and i will definitely (any excuse!) be reading 'The Tiger who came to Tea' :1b

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