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CIN 2013 - Caption Competition - WINNERS


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Dear all

Just for ease I have put all the pictures and captions together so you can see the very funny responses we had on the night.

The moderating team and I have been in discussion and prizes are as follows;

FSF mugs go to;

sunnyday, mukerjee1 and finleysmaid

FSF pen & pad combo go to;

Broadlea , Sox and HelenD26

FSF pen goes to;

SueJ, purplewednesday1, Panders and blondie

And my personal favourite from Scarlettangel gets a rare FSF badge

So, if you haven't already PM'd me with your address (some of you have won in the other comps too) then please PM with your address and I will arrange for the prizes to be sent :D

Thanks for joining in xD:PxD


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rabbit waiting.jpg

er ...excuse me is this the tube for warren street!
I 've just been for an audition for children in need ....but some blinkin bear got the job!

"Stop rabbiting on I'm trying to read this paper"
'Hare today, gone tomorrow'

wow, that was a good night out!
1st of March, already?

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One is so looking forward to a spot of Parrot Shooting........have shot grouse, pheasants before but never had a pop at a parrot

"Incognito, Helen, Steve and Matt believe they have got away with their planned take-over of the DFE"

The new bond girl was a little older than the usual ones!

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Should have gone to Specsavers

Nope, even with the glasses the 'early years outcomes' still isn't as good as the 'Development Matters' document

Delegates at the early years conference were blinded by Liz Truss' latest plans for the early years sector workforce

Man checks pulse after seeing Rea's new ferret dance! (glasses needed to protect eyes from flying fur)

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Guest mukerjee1

'What, what? Oh, I don't believe this...I never thought it would be me.'

Dabs at eyes, holds FSF mug to heaving bosom,

'Oh my gosh. What can I say? This award isn't just for me...it's for the team. I'd like to thank the director, the producer, the studio for believing in me, ...and most of all ...my mom!'


(Seriously - thank you!)

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