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Any ideas what this could be?


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Hi all


This picture is the legs of one of the children at my setting. His little brother got it on Monday and the doctor said it was hand, foot and mouth disease. Then this little one got it one Wednesday but a lot worse than his brother and the doctor said it isn't hand, foot and mouth, chicken pox or excema. Two doctors have seen him and don't know what it is!

He has a temperature and is generally feeling unwell and tired. He has this rash on his arms, legs, back, bottom, around his mouth and in his mouth. Mum said they are like blisters. They are hurting him and itching him.

I have advised her to go to the hospital as the doctors don't know what it is and it's getting worse.


Any ideas what it could be?


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Certainly sounds like chicken pox perhaps he has a really nasty case of something if sibling has it too less likely to be allergy but some type of virus they have picked up together poor little things let us know if you find out what it is

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Just a quick update. HIs parents didn't take him to the hospital and we never did find out what the rash was but it lasted quite a few weeks and made his legs very painful even after it had gone. You can still see where the rash was on the tops of his legs. :(

We did have him back into the setting after about a week as he was well in himself, apart from getting pains in his legs. The odd thing is nobody else caught it!

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