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Oh lord ....where do i scream! i referred to this a couple of months ago on a post but i really didn't think it would happen...i should have known!.

So hows this going to work then? Parents accessing CC's will be offered this course (e-learning so no vetting then!!) plus they have to pass a first aid course (woohoo!!) then they can become a childminder...presumably through one of the new agencies so that it doesn't cost them too much money to set up.

Now forgive me for saying this but the people accessing the CC's in our area are (on the whole) NOT the sort of people i would want to look after my children. In fact they often access the CC services because they are having issues as parents that they are unable to solve by themselves.

Where is the minimum requirement for GCSE's or above?

How do you know that these people have a good level of English? Lets face it if it's E-learning then anyone could answer the questions and it would be easy to defraud the system.

...think i'm so cross i might just go and write to my MP :angry:

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Oh words fail me! :huh: :blink: :( :angry:


Talk about stepping backwards. Lowering ratios and dragging in anyone off the street to childmind, have got to be the most ridiculous things I've heard in a long, long time. Do the Government really want good childcare, does it know what the heck its doing? Does it, does it!!!!

If anyone wants me I'll be making my way back through the wardrobe, I've had enough of Narnia.



Just popped back to exclaim...£60 MILLION!!!!!!!

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Yes I understand how this dilutes all the hard work that has gone on in the past to professionalise childcare. Maybe I'm just being a bit of a Pollyanna, but this may just be a poorly written article. New childminders have often been unemployed mums looking to make their way in the world. Some of them actually had an interest in children and ended up as very professional carers. Local Authorities have provided training, which could have been completed once they had started working. This meant that they could learn while they earn. They can't do that now so training has to be completed while on benefits. Who's going to look after their children while they attend training if they're not earning? Unemployed people should have the opportunity to re-train in a way they can afford to do so.


Am I naive? I feel that PACEY (NCMA) has been shown to have professionalism of childcare at it's heart. I don't think they'll allow the government to force them to qualify every nit-wit who is forced to turn up. If they do they will lose their members. They're not profit motivated but a service.


There endeth the party political broadcast for and on behalf of Barnardos and PACEY (NCMA).



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I rather hoped that this was an April fool article that I was slow to read, but it would appear not. I am absolutely astonished.


Hope there's room in that wardrobe for 2 Rea...!! Budge up, I'm coming in...

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