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Safeguarding: recording forms


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At a Safeguarding day yesterday we were given these forms to use.

They dont belong to anyone so I thought I'd share them here.

CR10 is to record all correspondence for each child, letters, phone calls, (even if no-one answers), emails, conversations etc. to and from anyone connected with the child.

CR8 is to record any particular correspondence in more detail if needed.


It had never occurred to us to record anywhere that mom had phoned to say little Charlie was ill today and wouldnt be in or an HV had phoned and wanted to make an appointment or any of the other calls we take every day.


The idea is so we can look at one sheet (CR10) and see if there's a pattern or if anything stands out as needing investigation. CR8 will have further details maybe.

I'm not sure if we're going to use these forms or not yet, but we'll definitely be looking at some sort of recording system.


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I'm glad you like them.I got the impression from things that were said that these forms, although they've been used in some settings for 20 years, are being promoted in response to the Victoria Climbie case.


One of the Safeguarding ladies said when she goes to a setting after a serious incident she wants to be able to see at a glance all the correspondence thats taken place, the childs record sheet, learning journey and anything else you might have in one or two places rather than being directed to lots of different files.


They said to record observations that might not relate directly to the child too. In the case of Victoria, who starved to death, a member of staff from the nursery a younger sibling was supposed to be attending, saw mom laden down with two heavy shopping bags. The staff member obviously knew nothing about what was going on at home, but mentioned the sighting to her manager.


Mom had said they were on holiday, so while not directly connected to Victoria, it was used in the court case to prove mom was not on holiday and food was being bought. Luckily the nursery had a system in place for staff to record anything and everything that caught their eye.

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