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One of my current faves (and the children like it too xD )


With the obvious and appropriate actions! :1b


Marching on a Monday

Turning on a Tuesday

Wiggling on a Wednesday

Thinking on a Thursday

Flying on a Friday

Stretching on a Saturday

Swinging on a Sunday


Can really extend this........what day is it today?........What are you thinking about?........Where are you flying to? etc. etc :D

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On my face I have a nose

And way down here I have ten toes

I have two eyes that I can blink

I have a head to help me think

I have a chin and very near

I have two ears to help me hear

I have a mouth which which to speak

And when I run I use my feet

Here is an arm to hold up high

And here's a hand to wave bye-bye

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Ask them to become 'penguins'. Marching penguins. Flap the left wing, flap the right wing, flap both. Attention! Salute. And stand at ease.. when it's done, they can 'waddle off, penguin fashion to the activity or area you want them/choose an activity.

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Do you do the song from the Singing Playgrounds thing- called "Jump JIm Joe"? if you do a search there is a You tube video of children singing it and then doing the game- it involves choosing partners and Nursery and Reception children love it!


It does work best if two children start as a pair and then they go off and choose someone else new - then gradually all the group are paired- odd numbers mean you join in or they make a three.

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One elephant one fine day went on a spider's web to play


When I was one I ate a bun

The day I went to sea,

I jumped upon a pirate ship

and the captain said to me

"We're going this way, that way,

over the deep blue sea,

a bottle of rum to fill my tum, that's the life for me"


When I was two......etc.


Hokey Cokey or Looby Lou


In and out the dusty blue bells.


:Little Peter Rabbit has a fly upon his nose


Poor jenny is a weeping (v. old, used to do this in the playground and out in the street)

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children sit in a circle - one child chosen to be the bear ( take it in turns ) with bells or a bag with bells in and everyone sings /says 'Isnt it funny how bears like honey buzz buzz buzz , go to sleep Mr Bear , don't peep Mr Bear , then one child comes and takes bells and hides behind there back , mr bear has to find where the bells ( honey) are by listening for the bells

you can also get mr bear to say 'wheres my honey? , its not funny , someone has stolen my honey! and when he finds who it is he can chase them around outside of circle until child with bells gets back to their place.

vary it depending on the children you have and how you play it . .

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The bear likes honey is abit like


I sent a letter to my love




This game is also known as Drop Handkerchief or I wrote a letter...


First, everyone should form a circle holding hands. You can be sitting or standing. Then choose one person to be IT.


IT stands outside the circle and then skips around it (holding the handkerchief) while the circle sings:


I sent a letter to my love,

And on the way I dropped it,

One of you picked it up,

and put it your pocket.

They should carry on singing this rhyme until IT quietly drops the handkerchief behind one of the people in the circle.


That person then has to race around the circle back to their place (going in the opposite direction to IT). The last one back to the open place in the circle is IT the next time



Found it on this website http://www.playgroun....aspx?gameID=62

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Thanks for all your ideas, we played bug in a rug today and the bear likes honey..the children loved them. We also did the marching on a Monday and on my face I have a nose. I love learning new games and songs to file in my brain cell!!!

Thanks everyone :D

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ooh whats the bug in the rug - I know my mum always said as snug as a bug in a rug and I still say it but to play it would be great

All the children sit in a circle and one child shuts eyes or stands out of the room for a minute while another child is hidden under a blanket in the middle of the circle. Everyone then chants.."Bug bug bug in the rug, who is the bug in a rug" The child then has to look around and try and guess who is missing from the circle.

I thought I got the idea from here but it must have been on a web search I did!!

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We developed something similar to this from sleeping lions. The children became so good at it that we covered one of the lions up one day and asked all the other lions to wake up now and guess who was still fast asleep.


At first, one or two tried to peek under the blanket, but after a few attempts they did begin to see that it was much more fun to guess, amazing how many will say a child who is standing almost next to them! Then you get the peekers as you are trying to lay the blanket over a child.


We played Beans today had lots of fun with that - chilli (y) bean, french bean, string bean, etc. I suppose because it was a new game to some of the group they were more "into it".


May try the honey and bear one, we play something like this with me in the middle as santa going to sleep at the Christmas party, so they already have an idea how to play this type of game

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