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to the tune of i'm a little teapot


i'm a little iPad on the pot-ty

here's my apps to help you wee

when the flow has stopped you'll hear me yelp

'no wet pants today

happy to help!!'


sorry, I jest, couldn't help it - trying to move with the times!!


you have me stumped; I'm off for a think!

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You can use wheels on the bus for anything, so you could have the mixer in the kitchen going whizz whizz, or the washer going round and round, the Hoover in the hall, cooker in the kitchen, or whatever. It's. jolly useful little song that we have adapted to children's interests to encourage singing many many times! We have bucket on the digger going up and down and dig dig dig, we have dogs in the pub going woof woof woof, spiders in the house going tickle tickle tickle, dinosaurs in the wood going stomp stomp stomp, etc etc!

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I couldn't resist this one from the Puffin book


This is the way we wash our clothes,

Rub-a-dub-dub, rub-a-dub-dub,

Watch them getting clean and white,

Rub-a-dub-dub,m rub-a-dub-dub!


This is the way we mangle them,

rumble-de-dee, rumble-de-dee,

Round and round the handle goes,

Rumble-de-dee, rumble-de-dee.


this is the way we hang them out,

Flippity-flap, Flippity-flap

See them blowing in the wind,

flippity-flap, flippity-flap!


This is the way we iron them,

smooth as can be!

Soon our wash day will be done,

Then we'll have our tea.


Use the tune Here we go round the mulberry bush.


Come on now, how many of you use mangles today? I can just about remember my grandmother's mangle.

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Well in our house we had a Servis single tub with electric mangle, omg but, I can remember being threatened with the copper stick if I should be in the least bit naughty! I also believe the Christmas pud was cooked the the copper, but I may be dreaming about that!

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Well ... ... I am oldish (but it's all relative! :ph34r:) - and very old fashioned. When we got married in 1978, we lived in an old cottage (I like all things old!) and I refused to have a washing machine (my mum was horrified :D). I washed all our clothes by hand, including sheets, and was so pleased when we saw a mangle advertised in the local paper; it was a big cast iron thing on wheels with big wooden rollers - it stood in the corner of the kitchen for many years - and yes I did use it. It was great for sheets and towels but anything with buttons caused big problems because the buttons would break going thro' the mangle! I still have an old copper (I used to boil the whites in it), but now we use it to wash the goats fleece after shearing. I have always wished the clock could be turned back two hundred years - I'd so like to stay at home and keep the house tidy and cook everyday. Does anyone else feel like that? :blink: ;) :P


Thanks for your ideas everyone - I love the different words to the tune of Wheels on the bus!

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Mulberry bush is another tune to fit lots of things to.. this is the way we xxx used it for many a topic and made it up as we went along..


and we too had a copper, and remember vividly mums first washing machine, a huge tub on wheels we had to fill with buckets of hot water and wash all in the same water :o


start with the cleanest and work the way through the wash, dads overalls and work clothes going last.. had to do it in the yard as to empty it was to open the tap and it all drained out, we had to tip it to get the last bit out.. it had a mangle on the top of it.. dad removed it when he rescued a spin dryer from the dump and refurbished it so it worked..that too was used outdoors... once a week wash.. whoa betide bad weather we had to wash in the garage and move it out to drain it!! ;)

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That sounds familiar Inge! I can also remember my mums first twin tub that was PLUMBED in in the kitchen. You had to remember to put the drain hose into the sink or you got a flood!

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I remember my mums twin tub, dragged to the sink and the hoses fixed on and the spinner that had a 'spider' on the top to keep the clothes down. When she got a new fangled front loader washer she put too much powder in and it flooded the kitchen, soapy foam going out of the door and down the steps to the coal house!

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