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Anything in the pipeline this year?


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Sad to say it has sprung up almost unannounced on us, too! :o We're still talking about it - what would you like? We could do the usual: have a quiz, a long-running thread requiring the usual Children in Need mayhem and perhaps something going on in chat later on?


I have a quiz which, with a bit of work, would be ready for release in batches of questions throughout the evening. You know, the usual thing - send in your answers by the deadline and the winner will be the person with the most correct answers, and if there are more than one then the winner(s) will be drawn out of a hat?


I'm sure Steve could be persuaded to provide some prizes of one kind or another! :1b


Of course if anyone else has any bright ideas, we can probably accommodate those too. Depending on what you've got in mind! :P

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Are we attempting a 'chat' record this year? :1b


I haven't been in since the refurb.......hmmmmm ........wonder if I can find the door :blink:


Oh found the door and had a little look round! xD

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