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We've been told by a parent that he gets CVs from work. We've never accepted them before but I dont know why. Does anyone accept them if so, what should I know?

I've had a brief google and it seems easy to set up.

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Very easy to set up Rea - I take 'Edenred' and 'Fidelity' - excellent systems both! :1b


Does still depend though on parents actually notifying the voucher people when they have a bill to pay........just keep an eye on it just as you would with any other payment system......

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yes really easy (she says as her admin deals with it!!) but we haven't had any issues. The parents have to do a bit of the set up and you have to do a bit. They will need your ofsted reg number and then their HR department should do the majority of the rest. most of ours are paid in monthly payments but sometimes we get a termly amount. Most email us an acknowledgement when it is paid into your bank account. You register with whichever company the parent uses (i think we are now registered for 5!) We now promote this with our parents ...if they work for larger companies and pay tax they should be eligible

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Lots of my parents use them. Sometimes take a while to set up but it all happens from their end so not really a problem except first payments might take a while. Computershare and Chamberchildcare are systems mine use. Have had experience with BusyBees in the past - not such a terrific experience but it might have been a one-off.



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Yep, as been said. Was really easy to set up and companies always email us when payments are made.

You just need to make sure your parent notifys the company of your bank a/c details and ofsted reg #.

We've been using them for around four years and never had any problems. It never occurs to me to use it as a

selling point though. It's only ever been when a parent has approached us.

I have put it on our invoices now and must add to our parents info book and prospectus

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