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such sad news


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I cannot for the life of me understand why anybody would hurt another human being let alone a child.

My heart goes out to the family and the whole community. Lets hope he will now tell them where she is so they can have some sort of closure whatever that is.

Just so so dreadful and so so sad. x

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I can't see any other outcome unfortunately. It's just been too long now, hasn't it. The Moors murderers never told did they. To think that she'd been let out to play so 'late' as a treat for a good report from her teacher

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Awful, sad news....I wish I felt more confident that he will tell the police what happened and where they will be able to find April. It's hard to believe he'll have the human decency to though... :(


I hope her family gain some comfort from everyone's thoughts and expressions of sympathy in the dark days ahead.



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As a mum, I cannot begin to imagine the hell that April's mother is going through. I think the response from the community has been amazing and it shows that there are a lot of totally decent caring people out there. Lets hope the monster shares the information that will lead them to poor April.

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I disagree; the world we live in is a wonderful place, packed full of good people who have hearts and minds that wouldn't harm a fly, let alone a small, vulnerable child. Just look how many people have given up their time to search for April......all good people who want to help and to support her family. .Sadly though, it also has a minority of people who are the real 'bogeymen' of life. I really hope that April is found and returned to her parents, in whatever way that means. The REAL nightmare would be never finding her and never knowing what really happened, because imagination is far, far worse.

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