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If You Had A Magic Wand...


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If you had a magic wand and could change one thing about yourself what would you change?.....


I would wave that wand and get rid of my frog phobia which I have had since the age of 16 (and thats a long time) Am starting to see them everywhere at the moment, and thinking about the dark rainy winter nights when it makes stepping outside my front door a major trauma. One was in the middle of a pathway today while I was walking the dog and I had a full on panic attack, I think my dog was quite bemused by the whole episode!! :blink:

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To be able to do ballroom dancing with ease and grace! Lots of different dances as my repetoire currently only inlcuded the waltz! My dear Dad taught me that by me standing on his toes as he whirled me round the ballroom dance floor when I was little!

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