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Chicken Pox

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I just say that we have a child absent with it, could they please be vigilant about looking for spots, be aware, that type of thing. There's a bit about how long they should be absent and a bit about tried and tested methods to soothe, ie bicarbonate in the bath and Eurax cream

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We are daycare and do the same - notice on the door saying which room the child is in. We've just had our biggest outbreak of chicken pox ever. It went on for over 8 weeks and about 30 children got it...and one poor dad! Just when we thought we'd seen the last of it, we got another batch. I guess its because it has such a long incubation period and you don't know you're infectious until its too late.


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As a point of interest - to me if not to you, but I'm going to tell you anyway - my youngest son had the pox no fewer than three times before he was three. First at 8 weeks old, then at 8 months old and again at 2 1/2. All doctor diagnosed. Pox be-gone.



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We too put a notice on the door - saves paper xD - as Honey says chickenpox isn't necessarily a one off and my deputy's son had it three times before she got it - she tells me that having it as an adult is horrendous :(


We had a big outbreak of the pox this year too - as beehive says the incubation period is so long the pox carriers have plenty of time to spread it around before they come out in spots :blink:

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