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Jubilee- What Do You Think?

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One of our parents who lives directly opposite playgroup came in this morning and asked what I have planned for the Diamond Jubilee. I told her we had not planned anything yet.

She then said she was glad and said would it be possible for us to take the children over to her house and we can have a teddy bear's picnic in the garden. She has a large garden with lots of garden toys including a 2 storey playhouse, wavey slide, ball pit etc.

She said she would make some cakes and we could make things with the children the day before to take over and they could bring their favourite teddy and dress up as a king or queen or wear red, white and blue.


What do you think?

Obviously I would get permission from parents and carry out a full risk assessment. We are in a small village so all parents/children know eachother anyway.

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we have done this as a village preschool. gone to a local garden for play, picnic etc.. safer than our local park as it was enclosed and the park is open.


We ensured that the person loaning us her garden had toilet facilities for us to use, and treated it as an outing for risk assessment.. and ensured enough adult support.and house owner knew she was not to be left alone with the children or take them to toilet etc.. . being a party we had parents join us as well for some of it..


it was a really fun day.. and like you was easy as all knew the person lending the garden, so were happy to give permission..

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