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Time To Head Back. . . . . .


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Morning all.


So, today I am due back to work after a 6 week break where I had major facial surgery to remove a tumor that turned out to be cancerous.


It has been a very tumultuous time with emotions high and low and whilst I know I am so very lucky to have the all clear following my body scan, I dont think I have come to terms with the fact that I had cancer yet. . . . .


I think because the relief that the cancer was not anywhere else in my body was SO HUGE my mind has been full of thinking I havent got cancer and in fact on closer thought I know I haven't accepted that I had cancer.

I think it may take a while to work through that one.


Anyway today, shortly in fact I am due back in work and I dont want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Who loves her work and the children. Who was so upset before the op about having time off!!!! Me who in the two years previously only had 2 days off with vertigo!!!

I dont want to go back.


That said, I do want to say a big huge thankyou AGAIN for all the support to get me in one piece to this point!!!


You are very wonderful folks.


Thankyou. x

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Couldn't just read and run. Just wanted to say you need to go easy on yourself, you have had a major life changing experience and of course it will have affected your feelings, not just about work, but about all sorts of things.

I do hope that today goes well. It may be exactly the distraction that you need. See what happens............but please remember that you have really been trough it recently, and you do need to take it easy and take one step at a time.

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Don't forget that your cancer specialist nurse is always there for you ( s/he can arrange a visit to a counsellor if you'd like), to talk about how the diagtnosis has affected you. Also MacMillan are there for you....................and so am I ! It was a huge thing, possibly the worst thing in your life so far and of course it takes some getting used to, so be kind to yourself x


getting back to work will be good, you can take the time to fit back in slowly and from there, assess how you feel about the job..........................some of it might be a bit of nervousness about how people will react to you. Answer questions as honestly as you feel able........;yes, I had a cancerous growth, but the doctors are confident they have removed it all and I will need no further treatment' would do the trick.


Good luck, have a wonderful day xxx

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I hope all went well for you today?

I think that when something so traumatic takes over your life and thoughts it is like being in another world, and going back to the 'ordinary' world is quite scary. I'm sure everyone will be very happy to see you and wanting to support your return. I hope the children made you smile today :1b

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Hope all went well.

I dont think you are experiencing anything particularly unusual after an absence like this but do be kind to yourself and step away if you need to. As you have acknowledged, you are still dealing with this emotionally and its very early days yet.

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Thanks folks!


The day was pretty grim but nothing to do with me returning to work following cancer!!!


Computers down. Drives wiped. Nursery profile information from the last 3/4 years gone.

Oh and a nice visit from a parent with some abuse issues between her child and another in after school club.


Don't feel like I was ever away!!


I feel worn out to be honest and I promised to go for a walk with the hubby when he gets in from work!!


Reckon bed will not be far away!!


I will think on the advice, especially about counselling Narnia.

I had counselling after I lost my Mum 9 days after she found out she had cancer. I found the chance to talk to someone unrelated to the loss was really good for me.


Thankyou all x

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ah sorry your day was not as good as it could have been but i do think counselling may be the way after the rollercoaster you have been on. Despite all the technology letting you down , I bet the kids and staff were glad to see you back - take your time Scarlett angel - plump up the pillows and lay back and relax xx

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