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What A Great Way To End A Friday


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Just wanted to tell everyone how I feel finishing a friday being told I was suitable person to manage my setting :o , I have only been in the job a few weeks and it's certainly been a challenge so far and despite everyones faith in me and the great feedback , I could not help but lose a few hours sleep worrying about interview today. The lady was fab , very encouraging and helpful and really put me at ease, her parting words were 'great to see someone with so much enthusiasm' - not blowing my own trumpet here but just wanted to say WHOOPEE !!!!

Have a fab weekend everyone , i sure am !! xD

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well done you, a big pat on the back and a glass or two called for I should think.


Thanks max, yes I think so too , after all it is friday and when questioned on my consumption of alcohol i of course said only the odd one or two on a friday , and every day with a 'y' at the end !! :o

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Well done you. I went through the same interview in September after been in the Managers job for 6 weeks. I too had a sleepless night the night before the lady came. The night i passed I have more than a glass or two! You can relax for the weekend and then if you are like me it was back to a never ending to do list. Well done again. :o

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Thanks all , had lovely weekend , couple nights out with friends lots of laughs and plenty of food - so no cooking all weekend -@ Miacat - yes still have the endless to do list and ' finsley maid , i know ofsted get a bit delayed but really 12 years too late , if only that happened with inspections :o

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