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Just had the AGM. Myself, playleader, deputy, 3 staff, one parent.


Would it be possible to have an AGM by post? Could we send out nominations and notes asking if current committee are staying on, finances, playleader report, chair report and all the things they need to know and ask for replies, comments, feedback. We could type up all the comments, send out any replies. Could we call it a postal AGM?


They have one more chance, pub next week, 7.30.

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You did better than me then. I had one parent and then after about 20 minutes of us chatting another one arrived. So one is Chair, other can't be CRB's as she lived in Greece or somewhere before coming here - we tried last year but Greek police authorities refused to co-operate with CRB

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The only way i ever had enough parents was to have it at drop off time and has a committee member stand on door and kept most of them in! Had the fastest meetings ever!


and We always had an issue with CRBs ... we had parents from so many different countries and none of them could ever be on the committee because of this issue... we did try, had problems with all of them so parents all pulled out in the end... always felt it was not inclusive and we often had these parents who desperately wanted to help but couldn't.. The ones we did try took the year for it to be discovered that the country of origin was not helping at all... but then it was not a high priority for them.. we found ways to include these parents in other ways but when more than half of the parents were excluded form being on committee it really made things difficult for all..


good luck next time... is it time for the 'not enough come we will be closed on xxxx letter' - That one always worked wonders!

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The AGM was held today straight after the session! The playleader reminded the parents but no-one would make eye contact with her.

After the mess we were in last year I feel a bit deflated, especially with no reply from the current members.

I've spoken to the Charity commission about a postal AGM.

If our constitution allows it then we can.

I've read the constitution but cant see if postal AGM would be allowed or not so I've emailed the PLA for their input.

This is such hard work :o

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Sounds to me like all constitutions should include a bit about being able to do a postal AGM - would make life easier , never thought of that one, I think I would have amended ours to include it.. that is if you can get enough people to attend a meeting to make the amendments!

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always felt it was not inclusive and we often had these parents who desperately wanted to help but couldn't..



You are so TOTALLY right - that's not something I'd thought of, the inclusiveness or otherwise aspect of it - and as you say, these seem to be the keen people who really want to do the job!

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Oh i so feel for you.

What do you mean by " no reply from the current members" surely they made the effort to come even if it was to say goodbye and stand down.

Many many years ago before i was employed at my setting i was the then Chairperson.

One year at the AGM having insufficient numbers to hold the meeting, we had to postpone it, but the very next day we were holding an end of term concert and all parents were there.

So i let them all in closed the door and then said due to the lack of attendance the previous night we were now going to hold the meeting, explaining if no one came forward we would basically close the next day.[ not sure i should have really done it this way] but it did the trick and luckily for us has never happened again.

Infact for the last couple of years we are at maximum capacity.

We do send out an informative letter along with nominations slips well in advance and put it on all our newsletters.

Have you tried having a interesting speaker, refreshments as an incentive or latching it on to a event.

As for the postal AGM i really don't have the answer to that one, please let us know what the PLA say.

Big hugs to you Rea.

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Not sure about the postal thingy but your constitution must state how many officers you would need for a quorum?


I dont understand why the CRB is a problem, so far this year I have had students and committee CRB'd from Greece, lived there for 3 years until last year, Romania(National)

& Lebanon (lived here for 2 years) Oh and Spanish- which did take ages to come through . I was fully expecting the Lebanese students t take months but it came through in less then 3 weeks.

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Well, under the PLA constitution of 2009 we cant do a postal vote, parents have to be there. But, we're having a day with parents joining us to make some christmas decorations so that might just be a possibility, thanks for the suggestion :o

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