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Graduation Day!


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Have a fabulous day - enjoy the reward for your hard work. I am graduating on Tuesday next week and am looking forward to it and seeing fellow students to celebrate.


I am not in the first flush of youth so a bit like you find it a bit of a joy to have managed it a bit later in life. I am fortunate that my parents will be coming to see me graduate and fully intend to pay the extortionate photo fees to have a photo of us all together as I don't think I will be doing it again :o


Hope you are celebrating afterwards too - have organised a v. posh cream tea after mine - must have earned some cake by now.


Just have EYP assessment in early December to look forward to xD - only hope that that goes well.


Have a great time

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Enjoy!! I hope you have as lovely a day as I did.


I graduated in September and my Mum was SO excited! She paid extortionate amounts for photos of me, me with hubby and daughter, me with Mum and her other half, all of us........ and when she discovered that the local newspaper had a special edition cover naming all those graduating that day............ :o


I was treated to a posh lunch first, drinks while waiting for the ceremony, drinks afterwards and I arrived home to a delivery of flowers from some of the parents I childmind for..... it was fabulous!



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Enjoy every moment! Hope you have a great day, from a fellow mature student!



I graduated in September too with my husband, three grown up, and their girlfriends sharing the moment. The presenter said at the start that this wasn't a solemn occasion and encouraged audience participation. I remember sitting there thinking 'don't give my lot permission! Because of where I was sat I couldn't see them whilst waiting to be presented but after I had received my 'certificate' I heard and saw them as they shouted 'love you mum' and they captured the moment on film as I looked up and found them. The smile on my face just captured that special moment between us mixed with pride and relief that I'd not fallen flat on my face. I could have gone round again, it was just the nerves that built up as we were waiting!


Let us know how you got on.

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Thank you everybody. . . it absolutely was a great day!!!


I was lucky enough to graduate with friends who I have continued to study with so still see on a weekly basis and that made it more special!!


My husband and daughter both took time off work to be there too, and then a meal afterwards with more family who were unable to get a ticket to be part of the ceremony.


It was a lovely day and yes it was at Worcester Cathedral Woolly1.


On the road to EYPS now but also doing BA modules so the learning goes on!!!!

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