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Has anyone got a care plan pro forma that I can have a look at.


We have a child starting with sickle cell anemia this term and the insurance want me to write one. I have never written one before and don't know where to start.


I have found the details of the disease in one of my child care books and will get input from Mum but it would be good if I had something to start with.



Many Thanks in advance.

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What happens when you aren't attached to a school so there is no School Nurse??


How do you access training for example inhalers, epi-pens or if medication does need to be administered?


So far we have just had the parents training us, but this probably isn't correct procedure or is it??


We are also in the position (for the first time) of possibly needing a care plan, none of us have ever even seen a filled in one before!

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