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Well I Had My Interview Yesterday...


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I got the phone call at 4.20pm from the chair to tell me .....THEY WANT TO OFFER ME THE MANAGER'S JOB!!!!!. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Steve and Mundia for their wonderful words of wisdom and support. The Rescue Remedy was the best £5.76 I have every spent, it really helped to calm the nerves which had reach dangerous levels one hour before interview. I start in September as the Manager but for now will continue as a part time supervisor at the setting. I didn't believe the Chair when she rung me and I had to get her to confirm 3 times that she really was offering me the job.(Bet she thought I'm a dippy women) but I just couldn't believe that I got the job over a Nursery Teacher and a Deputy Manager from a Day Nursery. Maybe the Foundation Degree course with the OU is worth the 32 hours study a week! Couldn't even celebrate last night as I was sat at dining table for 5 hours until 1am finishing an TMA for my Childhood course but there is a bottle of Champs in the kitchen with my name on it, which I will open Saturday night. The bottle has only sat on the worktop for 2 years waiting for an excuse to open it and I think I deserve to open it and drink it. Roll on Saturday! :oxD:(

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