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Risk Assessments! For Trip To China Town (local Chinese Supermarke


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I am trying to do a risk assessment for an outing and stuck for hazards - mind has gone blank lol


Parents are coming on trip - all of them

Invloves some walking some going by public transport

Walking down street though currently closed off to traffic

Visiting chinese supermarket

Then lunch in a chinese restaurant


Now what do I need to include and risk assess?

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Hi - this is the format I use for risk assessment for 'new outings'.........this format was suggested/supplied by EYAT


New Outing to:


How can children walk to or travel safely to the location?


Is it necessary to make a visit alone first?


Are there any particular equipment/resources required?


Is any additional safety equipment required?


What do children need to know before we go on the outing?


Are there any obvious risks?


What will I do to minimise any risks?


Have parents been informed?


Do parents need to give express written permission?


Anything else that is relevant about managing this activity safely?


Really hope that helps! :o

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Allergies if you're eating out or even in the supermarket. Lots of peanut oil. Parents arent always the brightest bunch on a school trip so make sure they are aware of the rules the children have to follow on outings. Stay together, tell someone if you need to leave the main party, keep close to your child and tell someone if you decide to let them walk with a friend.

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Hi what about emergency contact numbers for any children without their parents.

We also normally list equipment to be taken such as a register of all children, staff and anyother adults attending, first aid kit, medications if any and record book, change of clothes, accident record sheets, mobile phone.

Also a poster on the door if we are alll going out explaining where we have gone and a emergency contact number

Actually it's amazing we go out at all really when you start to list it all, but wow what a lovely time we have once we are there.

Hope you all have a lovely time and "Gung hay fat choi".

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