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No More New Build!


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I'm so fed up!

My nursery is sited in an old community centre which is falling down around our ears...water leaks, broken plumbing, general grottiness! We do make the most of what we have, but things got so bad that my local authority told me they would fund a new build if we could find the land.

This was now easy task, but we have been waiting to hear about an ideal piece of land owned by the district council and sitting empty. After weeks and weeks of red tape and me chasing people, they have said no. To make matters (much) worse, we have now run out of time to put our bid in to the local authority panel and we have lost the offer of funding for a lovely new building! The money will be reallocated.

I'm trying to look on the bright side, but it's looking gloomy at the moment.


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What a pity, Beehive. You must be so fed up. This really has to stop doesn't it? As you say, we do the best with what we've got but surely the time is coming for early years settings to get the funding they need to operate out of a decent building?


We can only dream, can't we?



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Don't give up hope. We are in a prefabricated building that is nearly 40 yrs old and falling apart around our ears (and it was only built to last for 5!).


We've had all kinds of schemes for a new build in the pipeline that have come to nowt becuase of the lack of backing from various parties. Now finally we have secured the backing of our children's services and the funding for a new and bigger building. We've had the surveyors in and the plans are now being drawn up. The funding has been passed by our local authority and they've got to have it done by the end of this year or they risk losing the money so it's all systems go.


So keep plugging away - our new building only came about becuase I was in the right place at the right time when proposals were being put forward for somewhere to spend the money and of course I stepped up and offered them the chance to invest in us :o

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