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2nd day into new term and guess who turned up today!!

Have to say a very nice lady, she was only with us 1 1/2 hours but is back tomorrow so I am assuming tomorrow will be longer!!

Today was observation and tomorrow is paperwork, any advice anyone please!!

Are there anything Ofsted a particular hot on at the moment?

We are a new setting (opened in September) so I am hoping she will take this into consideration (working progress and all of that!!)


Anyway wish me luck!!



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apparently safeguarding is top priority so make sure your policy is up to date and all staff can answer questions on what to do if they think a child is at risk. also check risk assessments are up to date etc.

I was going to say that!!! :o


Good luck Kris.......don't forget to let us know how it goes! xD

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Yes definately safeguarding, EYFS,working in partnership with parents,diversity,health and safety,

Good luck and keep calm I am sure you will be fine

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Well she didn't come!! rang about 9am to let us know.

Only thing bothering me is she keeps apologising!! Something about our time runs out on Saturday?! When I asked what she meant apparently as a new setting we should have been inspected by now (deadline is Saturday) obviously not our fault and nothing we can do about it but she is not sure what will happen about the statistics if inspection not completed by Saturday?! Anyone with Ofsted knowledge please let me know what all this means!!

On a brighter note she has apologised on behalf of Ofsted!! Now wouldn't an Ofsted apology be nice framed and on the wall, quite a rare commodity I would have thought!!


Will let you all know what happens, and thanks for the support and words of encouragement!!



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She came back today and everything went really well. We are a new setting and only opened in September but she was very happy with all the paperwork and what she observed in the room. I know we're not meant to say just yet but lets just say we had a very GOOD inspection in all areas!! I am over the moon as she said we are so close to outstanding that she didn't have any real recommendations for us!!

Anyone due an inspection it is the usual hot topics, safeguarding, diversity, reflection (that was a big one!).


Anyway going to go and put my feet up now!!



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