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hi just been on a course about water play and thought could share some ideas-

small tray put sand in (about 1-2 inches) add some small gravel(like you put in bottom of vases) which either includes gold pieces or add some small jewels - add some water to just above level of sand and allow the children to pan for gold/jewels using small sieves .

fill a clean plate with water and wait until the water is smooth and still. sprinkle talcuum powder over the surface.wet one finger and rub it over a pice of soap. dip the finger in the water at one side of the plate and see what happens.

put a little cooking oil and water in the jar.fix the lid on firmly and shake the jar hard. when the jar is put down the mixture will seperate into two layers. now add a few drops of washing up liquid ,shake and see what happens.

fiil a jar with water and soak a handkerchief .stretch the handkerchief over the mouth of the jar and hold it in place with an elastic band. what happens if you turn it upside down? try it again with different materials.

see what happens when you put a glass under the surface of water in a bowl-turn it upside dowm and lift it slowly without letting the rim of the galss come above the surface. what happens when you lift the glass above the surface of the water.

pour water into one half of an ice cube tray and cooking oil in the other half. put tray into the freezer and leave until both are frozen. half fill one beaker with cold waterand another with cooking oil . drop an ice cube into the water and an oil cube into the beaker of oil- which one floats and which one sinks? now try ice cube in the oil and oil cube in the water.

hope they might give you a new idea when using water

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Great ideas - good to have available for when the need arises!




PS What does happen when you put your soaped finger into the plate of talcum powder-topped water? I've made a secret guess - but need to know if I'm right!

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the talc moves away from your finger! not that i know why - that wasnt explained lol x


I remember seeing this demonstrated in a science lessong when I was at school with talc and a drop of oil. The explanation we were given was that the oil spreads out into a very thin layer (eventually one molecule thick) and pushes the talc to the side as it does so.


I assume that the soap is behaving in the same way but there may be a science whizz on the forum who can correct me!


Thank you for taking the time to share these ideas with us.

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