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Hi Aggy, just checking have you seen the Gruffalo activity ideas on the homepage? Go go into members articles and you will find some lovely activity ideas


there is a Gruffalo party pack which you can buy, I bought it in the summer when the Gruffalo had his birthday and we had a great party using some of the ideas in it.


We also stage the Gruffalo in our pre-school - not the easiest for 3/4 year olds but we managed in the end.


Aggy, I see this is one of your first posts - welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy the contents and pop in with your suggestions and ideas in the future.

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Thank you very much guys... i am going to look at the homepage now for the ideas... This place is great I am going to be on hee more than face book now haha xx

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Just got in from parents' evening so slightly brain dead (or maybe that's just normal for me!) but wanted to say I LOVE the gruffalo!!!!

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Hi there


I have some ideas I have found you might like to use:-


Child Initiated activities:


•Gruffalo story board (magnetic), Gruffalo on listening station (Song and story CD)

•Gruffalo games/jigsaws/writing frames/Activity Book (CLL)

•Counting how many (one to one) claws, teeth, warts, horns, knees (PSRN)

•Gruffalo mask template (PD/CD) http://www.gruffalo.com/

•Natural Art (CD/PD) The children will gather natural materials from the surrounding area and then work in small groups or pairs to make their Gruffalo collage.

•Den Building (PD/PSED) Children will work in small groups, selecting from a variety of resources and problem solving, to make a den for the forest animals in the story.

•Treasure Hunt (PSED) Children will find a note from the Park Keeper telling them that all the animals are so frightened by the Gruffalo that they have hidden. The children will need to look for hidden soft toy animals in the surrounding area, exploring the grounds during their search and make sure they have found them all and that they are safe.

•Making Animal Tracks (KUW) The children will discover laminated animal tracks near the sandpit and try to match photos of animals to the tracks they have discovered. Using natural resources, children will make their own animal tracks in the sand pile representing the snake, the Gruffalo, the mouse, fox and owl.


Hope this helps?

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Thank you. We may look at this again after Christmas as it will no doubt be on TV at some point. By the way, the link earlier in the thread doesn't seem to work any more.

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By the way, the link earlier in the thread doesn't seem to work any more.

Since the link was uploaded in 2009 articles and resources have been moved around. I've had a dig about and found the Gruffalo article here.

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