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A People Place

If this is not a place where tears are understood,

Where do I go to cry?

If this is not a place where my spirits can take wing,

Where do I go to fly?

If this is not a place where my questions can be asked,

Where do I go to seek?

If this is not a place where my feelings can be heard,

Where do I go to speak?

If this is not a place where you’ll accept me as I am,

Where can I go to be?

If this is not a place where I can try to learn and grow,

Where can I be just me?

William J Crockett

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Hi Jules, what an interesting question.


I always think that your ethos is about what makes your setting the unique setting it is, what do you believe in, what does your setting stand for, if you like, what makes you 'tick'


It important that this is shared by your whole team and is well worth a staff meeting or two (however you organize these) to discuss what matters to you all. A good place to start is the 4 Themes and what they mean to you at your unique setting.


It is also something that takes time to grow and develop.

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Thanks Mundia thats a long the lines of what i was thinking, maybe get the staff to put it in a hat and pick one from there, i just didnt know how to word it, or how long it should be? I want it to be something we all know off by heart and sets the standard of the setting if you know what i mean thanks again.

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Yes I know what you mean. when we first worked on our in a Children's Centre (brand new), it took us ages, we kept adding words we felt were important, and it kept getting longer. We changed it a hundred times before we were happy with it. Getting it in a nutshell will take time, we started with several statements, which we placed around our EYFS poster (this was just pre EYFS so we were getting ready for it at the time) along with photos which we felt illustrated our point and as we went on included children's comments (this was because one of our key ideas was children's voice). Rather than a 'statement' we ended up with a whole boards which really said 'this is us, this is what we are like, this is what we believe'.


Im sure that other members wil have other ways of doing this which they will come along and share.

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