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Does anone have a rest and/or relaxation policy suitable for a setting only taking children over 3, that they would not mind sharing, I do not need a sleep policy.

Thank-you in advance

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Sounds like you might need the biscuit risk assessment, in the Daily Mail today.


Oh no I didn't see that - desperate to know what it said now!


Hi Sunshineshowers (cool name)


We don't have anything like that either.........why do feel you need that, if you don't mind me asking........



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Hi sunshineshowers

We don't have a rest and relaxation policy. Could you put a paragraph into the health section of your health, safety and hygiene policy? Or into the way you use the areas of your setting? It could be along the lines of having areas of the pre-school or nursery where children are able to rest and relax whenever they want. Do you have a specific area where children can sleep if necessary? We are developing a new small group/quiet room and we are going to put in a fold up bed or roll up mattress so that if a child is ill or very tired they can be lay down to sleep.

As I don't know how long your children attend for I'm not sure what you are going to really need. Could you possibly give us some more details?


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