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Hi all

I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced (is experiencing) higher running costs as a result of implementing the EYFS?


We have found that the costs involved in increased training, admin, sharing info meetings, and so on... do not reflect what is received in fees and Grant money.


In terms of the EYFS what have you all found? Is it financially draining or is it just me?

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Wow thanks - I am not alone then - I am trying to gather together a complete picture to present to our LA - I am sure no-one from the 'powers that be' has realised the extent of these costs. Keep them coming....

Some of mine are

Loads more training events has meant loads more supply cover!

Paper, ink, photos...

Time costs involved 'liaising' with others sharing info when no one has the time or money to do it!

More paper, ink and photos...

Staff costs for parent evenings and additional meetings with parents

even more paper, ink and photos...

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Wekk it's mainly the .... paper, ink, photos with us that have increased our costs, We have been very lucky in out LA though a we have been allowed to apply for resources grants and within these put in bids for paper & ink. I claimed for 2 sets of carts (for 2 different printers) & 2 boxes (wuth 5 reams in each) of paper. Would have asked for more ink but thought if I order loads then one printer is bound to pack up! So shall get some more next term

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we also found the cost of photos , inks and paper have increased our outgoings - also we find that heating is more expensive as the open door policy means that to keep the room warm we have to keep the heating on constantly.

we also had to supply our staff with suitable clothing for the outdoors as they were spending longer periods of time outside.

this is in addition to the staff training etc

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Paper, ink, photocopying, batteries for all the cameras, staff training and cover costs, learning journey folders, new starter information and sharing stuff with other settings, staff time revisiting planning again and again and again etc. etc. - not forgetting more ink and more paper !! :o

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My list is as most others but would also include


Outdoor clothing for staff and children for all weather play

Much more admin time..including staff meeting weekly to discuss child initiated play areas for inclusion in planning

Time spent writing and updating SEF

At least 1 hr per week for each and every child's learning folder

Resources to make us more EYFS friendly..wheeled trolleys, more outdoor toys etc.

.......and of course paper and ink!!!!

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