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Are you fully aware of the latest processes and implications of the Comprehensive Area Assessment for your specific services? The new unannounced and 10 day inspections of children's services represent an overhaul of the way services are inspected.


Children and Young People Now magazine invite you to join them for an honest assessment of the Comprehensive Area Assessment a year after implementation of the framework. Following the release of the first set of national results, benchmark your services against others and learn from a year of implementation.


The Comprehensive Area Assessment - National Results And Experiences One Year On


Hear Practical Lessons Learnt, Unravel How Assessment Bodies Interact And Understand Current Inspectorate Priorities To chieve Positive Outcomes


A One-Day Conference, 28 January 2010, The Ibis, Earls Court, London



** Book Early To Save Up To £50 @ http://ecm.hbpl.co.uk/re?l=ew1uy4I45c4851I1 **


Top speakers confirmed already include:


- Christine Gilbert, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education, Children's Services and Skills, OFSTED

- AUDIT COMMISSION Representative To Be Announced

- Martin Curtis, Lead Member for Children, CAMBRIDGESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL

- Andrew Pennington, Head of Planning, Performance & Commissioning, KIRKLEES CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE SERVICE

- Andrew Fraser, Acting Director of Education, Children's Services and Leisure, LONDON BOROUGH OF ENFIELD

- Tony Theoloudou, Acting Assistant Director for Children and Families, LONDON BOROUGH OF ENFIELD

- Dr Sonia Sharp, Executive Director of Children and Young People's Service, SHEFFIELD CITY COUNCIL


- Oonagh Aitken, National Advisor - Children Young People & Families, IMPROVEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (IDEA)

- Melanie Swanwick, Assistant Director, Direct Services, STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL

- Sally Rees, Deputy Corporate Director, Children and Families Services, STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL

- John Coughlan CBE, Director of Children's Services and Deputy Chief Executive, HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL


For regular speaker updates, please visit http://ecm.hbpl.co.uk/re?l=ew1uy4I45c4851I2


Learn valuable lessons from authorities that have been through the new assessment regime and hear directly from the inspectorates:


1. OFSTED: understand how Ofsted's inspections of children's services feed into the overall CAA in order to clarify the workings of the assessment procedure


2. UNANNOUNCED INSPECTION: clarify how the controversial unannounced contact, referral and assessment point inspections are working with practical experiences from local authorities that have experienced them


3. LOCAL AUTHORITY CASE STUDIES: hear children's services practical experiences of the CAA over the last year and gain tips on overcoming barriers


4. REVIEW OF RESULTS: gain a statistical review and round-up of the results of inspections that have taken place so far to achieve a national picture of outcomes, one year on


5. 10 DAY INSPECTIONS: clarify the process behind the 10 day inspections of children's services and learn valuable lessons from peers who have undergone this inspection


6. INSPECTORATE WORKING: understand how the Audit Commission and Ofsted are working together to come to decisions jointly about the quality of your services


7. PARTNERSHIP EXCELLENCE: explore how to work in partnership effectively with inspectorates, Children's Trusts and in the context of wider policies and existing inspection frameworks to achieve successful outcomes under the CAA


To view details of the programme please visit http://ecm.hbpl.co.uk/re?l=ew1uy4I45c4851I3


Join your colleagues and expert speakers to debate and discuss the assessment and inspection of children's services and learn valuable lessons from experiences over the past year. Secure your place before 3 December 2009 and save £50 @ http://ecm.hbpl.co.uk/re?l=ew1uy4I45c4851I4


I look forward to meeting you in January.


Kind regards,


Gaby Disandolo

Conference Producer

Children & Young People Now

+44 (0) 20 8267 4011


Plus: Bring your team and the 4th delegate attends for free. Visit http://ecm.hbpl.co.uk/re?l=ew1uy4I45c4851I5 for details.


Commercial Opportunities:

Can your organisation work with children's services to ensure excellence in inspection? Become involved as a commercial partner and interact with local authority decision makers in a relaxed and educational environment. For unrivalled and unique networking opportunities please, contact Keiron Gallagher on +44 (0) 20 8267 4663 or email: mailto:keiron.gallagher@haymarket.com.

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It is. It is a new framework for ensuring Children's services are effective in the light of one of the celebrated child abuse cases. Forget which one. Haringey? Baby P?

Childrens services are subjected to rigorous inspection regimes across the whole gamut of provision.


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