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First Steps In The Foundation Stage


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Have just got my first post as an NQT in an LEA nursery setting and am in the process of sorting out the non existent admin they have in place!

Have just found an old copy of the first steps in the foundation stage but where it has been photocopied so many times over the years the bottom corner is slowly dissapearing.

Does anyone have any idea where I can get a new copy of this without having to type it all out again?


Thanks all


Hollie :o

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Hi Hollie


I don't know the publication you're talking about, but I just wanted to welcome you to the Forum - hope this is the first post of many! Congratulations on your new job!



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Hi Hollie and welcome.

Im unfamiliar with that publication title too. It could be that is one that your LEA produced? If so it may actually be out of date with the emergence of EYFS? Do you have an advisory teacher or team leader you can ask?

Have you tried searching online, there are lots of useful things out there?


Good luck with the new job.

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Hi all, thanks for the fast reply.


The document was used last year in the nursery and has the 6 areas of learning divided under the same subheadings as the EYFS Profile.

Then it has 7 steps under each of those leading to the first 3 of the EYFS profile for each strand. Not sure if this is going to make sense ....


If I wasn't to use this, is there any other document anyone could recommend that would be easy to use against the observations done on the children.


Thanks again! :o

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If it's the one with all the little feet around the front then its probably "stepping into the profile"?

IF so it's not now related to the new framework from sept 2008 and personally I wouldn't worry about it too much - it isn't that current. I would look at the materials in progress matters for more up to date thinking.




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Thanks all for your replies.

I found the teacher in the school who used to run the nursery and she is going to have a hunt for a copy. It is a document produced by the LA as you suggested and pulls off the profile.

The school has used this for a long time and it seems to be a really easy and sensible way to assess the children as it leads onto the first three goals in the profile.

I am new to nursery settings so I will go and explore other nurseries to see how they work so I can find best practice and try new methods out.

Thanks again


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