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I've had a quick look and I wonder how many resources are sold from this website? A lot of them appear to use clip art images that come with Word and would be simple to do yourself - even though the prices are very modest. Also, it is quite difficult to see exactly what you're getting for your money which I find a bit offputting.


Also I wonder what the NAA would have to say if they knew an image of the Profile Handbook was being used to sell a set of assessment resources? :o


I've seen some very good resources on here that people have given freely which wouldn't be out of place on this website - perhaps you should go into business and flog a few yourselves! xD


I shall have a good look round the site tomorrow though to see if something catches my eye! I'd be interested to know if anyone has used this site before and could offer some kind of rating as to the quality of the products on offer.



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SmileyPR you might find this website worth a visit if you are looking for EYFS resources. There are charts summarizing the developmental matters statements, also the profile, and there is also stuff suitable for transition from FS to KS1 and demonstrating continuity and progression. They are nicely presented as well, and I don't think that they are overpriced.



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