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ok many of you know my general situation supervisor of a pre school for 10 years - brought it up from satisfactory to outstanding last year. decided to leave over one issue with a member of staff that wasnt being resolved (committee run group taking her side!!!!).- already run over 6 months!!!!


just found out today chair has sent a letter out to complaining parents about : me leaving being a personal desion upon a dispute with 2 staff members!!!! ( one as im aware) deputy off sick and not coming back as shes handed in her notice! (is she allowed to say shes off sick?)


..... and final straw - i am opening up my own nursery - NOT A COMMITTEEE RUN GROUP she says (thank god if it were true!!!!!)..... but at the minute not true!!!!


is chair allowedd to do all of of this??????????????????


any advice - trying to get hold of saidletter and planning a visit to CAB!


am of to Cyprus in 10 days - may not bother coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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No, you can't do that. We would miss you too much if you stayed in Cyprus!


I think the best thing to do at the moment is have a large glass of plonk and scream into a pillow!


As for what the chair is allowed to do - it sounds totally inappropriate and very unprofessional and you have every right to be livid.


I am sure someone who knows more about the nitty gritty of running a pre-school will give you some more constructive help very soon


Keep your chin up



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ooooh Hali...there is nowt so strange as folk!!!


I really feel for you lovely lady.....what are people like, you don't deserve such treatment and such stress...



you need to go away on your holiday and rest, drink wine, sunbathe, enjoy your family time and come back stronger, ready to take on the world, follow your dreams and don't let the buggars grind you down..... :oxD:(


Sorry you are having a horrid time.

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wish I could give some words of wisdom, but finding it hard to come up with some.. sorry..


I do wonder if she is feeling very bitter, and needs to justify your departure to herself and parents. what does she gain by doing this ,


how you proceed will really depend on how you feel it will help you, and if you want to continue this further... what will you gain from it...


Personally I would step back and take time to decide, ask myself..is the effort and stress worth it.. are you just stooping to her level and are you bigger than that..


time away may just be what you need..



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Sounds a nightmare. Had you handed in your notice recently Hali? Do you think it could be deemed a case of constructive dismissal by the management committee's behaviour? I think it sounds possible. It is a shame none of us ever belong to a union that could give advice on that kind of thing.


I am not sure that she can write letters to people about you like that with things that are not true - is it libel or something? In any case it would lend weight to your constructive dismissal claim if you wanted to make one.


I think the CAB might be a good place to start. Also try the PSLA and the LA advisors.


Good luck and have a great holiday. I hope you do take action against this horrible committee - they shouldn't be allowed to get away with this sort of behaviour.

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Hali I'm so sorry they have done this to you. Sorry no words of advice because I don't know what to say really. I'm fortunate in that my in laws are legal types so I go to them over stuff like this although, touch wood, I've never had anything so bad.


Have a really good holiday (in case I don't get to say it again before you go) and do consider relocating - its a nice place where I live :o !

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Oh dear.


First of all get a copy of the letter - a lot will depend on what she has said and how she's said it. You said her letter is complaining but until you actually see what she's said (and the words that she's used) try not to get too worked up. You may be getting yourself het up for nothing! Who told you about the letter in the first place (and what are their motives for telling you all about it?).


If the Chair has said that you've had a problem with two staff members then she clearly has her facts wrong - but whilst it is unprofessional in the extreme if she has said that, unless she has said anything libellous I doubt there's much you can do in order to redress the situation. As for the bit about your opening a nursery of your own I can't imagine why she might have told parents this - unless the committee is concerned that parents will follow you to your new group.


I would say she is probably within her rights to explain that the deputy has resigned but will not be working her notice because she is off sick - the parents must be wondering where she is and rumour will always fill in the gaps of what isn't being said.


I wonder if you can use the Freedom of Information Act to put in a request for all documents relating to you that the groups holds? Then you would be able to see exactly what is being said about you and your conduct, and decide what to do from there. They have a set number of days to conform, and can charge a nominal copying fee I believe.


That may even help with your unresolved question about whether to put in a claim for constructive dismissal.


As well as ringing the CAB I'd also suggest you contact ACAS - they are incredibly helpful and give really good advice about what your options are.


It sounds to me as if the committee are running scared over this one - I imagine they thought that once you were out of the picture the problem with said member of staff would go away. Now that it has all blown up in their faces they must wonder what has hit them. No doubt their responsibilities are becoming only too clear to them and they may be beginning to panic about how they'll manage with no Supervisor and no Deputy. The staff team are unhappy from what I hear, and if parents are complaining too then the committee may feel they need to take action to stop the rot. Unfortunately the Chair might well just have made things worse.


However, you don't need to consider their point of view but you do need to preserve your own sense of worth and professionalism. You deserve better than this, so try not to let this chip away at your confidence. Hold on to what you know and believe - and whilst it is easy and glib for me to say you're better off out of this horrid situation, I know that you can't really move on with all this going on. In your heart its still your group and it will take some time for that feeling to go away.


Chin up - you've got Cyprus to look forward to and a new career as an EYPS assessor. I am sure you'll realise your dream to own your own group, and building it up to outstanding provision is perhaps the best 'revenge' for all the grief that you've been through over this whole sorry saga. You are worth ten of them - don't forget it! xD




PS Sorry to go on but you didn't give me a wordcount guidance for my response! :o

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I can't add anything useful to what everyone has said and there are different points of view for you to consider as you think about your next steps. I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you are feeling like this, and have been treated so shabbily, when you deserve to be proud of everything you have achieved. You must feel a tremendous sense of injustice and that is very upsetting and frustrating. Do whatever is right for you Hali. Take care of yourself and enjoy your holiday.

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I can't add any advice - but just wanted to send my sympathies - what a horrible situation for you.


Do take decisions slowly though if you can bear to - experience has taught me not to act in haste.



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It's all been said for me, so no lengthy, long sentences from me.


Main thing I agree with is to 'take a step back, head held high' and don't forget to have a few Vino's for me in Cyprus. :o


Happy holidays. xD



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Hali,can't add anything more, feel so sorry for you. Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you.

Enjoy Cyprus and have a complete break from the whole business.

Love Posy x

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Can't say any more than has already been said. Happymaz ideas seem very sound. Libel if what has been written is false. Acas could give you some help and maybe a solicitor once you have the letter or a copy to see what has been writen.

Good luck just keep Cyprus in your sights.!!!!!



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thanks everyone - knew you would cheer me up - will sleep on it and calm down- have letter in my hot little hand so will try to get to CAb tomorrow or wed :o


Maz - thanks hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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