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Easter And Spring Ideas


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Ok. Can we share our Spring and Easter Ideas for indoors and outdoors


Here's some to get us started:


Find a stick and colect any finds from around the garden, or walk use PVA to stick finds on.

(collect bits from the local florest and leave to hel stimulate activity)



Boil eggs and wrap in tinfoil, roll down a hill or just go hunting for them.



Hide soft spring toys around the garden to be found


Creste spring on the smal workd farm. buy those cheap easter chicks, add real straw, pant choc small eggs.



Cotton wool ball collage with other sensory finds from the pound shop.


Custard in a shallow tray with: Easter confetti sequins, filling plastic eggs or polystyrene eggboxes, fingerpainting...and many others


Featherduster chick counting line. Use the cheap ones from the poundstore, add the chick faces from sparklebox (laminate) and a lovely Spring number line for ourdoors.



Come on , I'm sure we can come up with quite a list...I'll add more as we go along.


Sunshine :o

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Thought I'd bump this one back up to see if anyone has any more brilliant ideas that worked well last year?


We made some spring lambs for a display after we'd been to the back field to see the real ones.


We watched frogspawn in the pond and made pictures of frogspawn. Made a lovely display of caterpillars and butterflies.


We sorted out seeds that were hidden in the sand tray and made tally charts showing the different types we found, then we sowed them and grew the plants on. We also grew cress in the children's initial shape. On the subject of that - what's the best medium for growing cress - this was on kitchen roll and it didn't work at all well as the roots pushed the seeds up into the air in a solid mass. We've done it in compost before and that worked well, has anyone got any other ideas? Anyone used cotton wool?

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How lovely to be looking forward to Spring - I can't wait - I am terminally cold! :oxD


Yes we have used cotton wool for cress works well............we have also made a cress 'timeline' - so plant a 'row' one day, one the next and so on - works really well too!

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How about making individual gardens by putting compost into shallow trays plastic or tin foil and sewing grass, watching growth, watering etc. Keep cut with scissors, good fine motor, very popular with children. Then before taking home add some picked flowers, blossom twigs for trees to place on the grass, fill tin foil cake cases with water for a pond, include little chick, foil covered mini eggs in a paper case and Bob's your uncle!

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