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The FSF team has been made aware of an issue being discussed widely by local authorities and online concerning an individual responsible for the Sparklebox website for early years resources. An outline of the issue has been published online by the Hull GFL and is available here:


Hull GFL news release


Clicking the 'View this item' link further down the page gives further information from the South West Grid For Learning.


Bearing in mind the advice from these organisations we feel it is appropriate to make FSF members aware of the matter, as the resource has been recommended on many occasions by members who make regular use of the website. As we have no direct knowledge of the subject matter we feel a discussion would be inappropriate, as it would inevitably lead to speculation without full knowledge of the facts. This post, therefore, is simply an announcement and is closed (ie replies are not possible).

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Following the post above earlier this month, we feel that members should know the outcome of the sentencing of Daniel (or Samuel) Kinge, the owner of the Sparklebox website for teacher resources. Kinge was sentenced on 8th January 2010 for in relation to indecent images of young children.


A brief report of his conviction can be found at the Mirror here, and rather than repeat someone else's research I'd like to link to another site for a much more detailed discussion of the case: brendenisteaching.


One link I would like to give from Brenden's post is to a page discussing the removal of the Sparklebox toolbar, which a number of members have mentioned to me in recent days. Some Local Authorities have indicated that they feel there are potential hazards to having this toolbar installed. Find the link here.


It goes without saying that this news is likely to shock members here, many of whom have recommended the Sparklebox resource, and all of whom share a passion for the care of young children. I can't expect you not to want to discuss the subject but would prefer that discussion is held in the lounge area, where posts will not choke up the front page of the FSF! :o

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