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:o Just want to let off steam so here goes!


I Got up exrta early today to make the most of a week off and get my nets down put in the washing machine with that vanish crystal white!!!! big mistake!!!!!! made my viole curtains go yellow!!!!!! so had to go out and get some net curtain whitner and they are now in the wash for the THIRD time and 5 hrs later!!! windows cleaned. went into my daughters room to clean hers and had to do what felt like an alsult course to get to the window climbing over a large pile of freshly ironed clothes!! thrown on the floor, dirty towels,pj's and won't tell you what else! am now waiting fpr the blinking machine to finish , then will have to ironn nets,then cook dinner,shout at kids at bit more!!!!!.


Oh the joys of half term .

I think being as work with 67 kids is easier!

Hows everyone elses week been so far?.

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Poor you.

Hope the nets come out white after the whitner....

Ironing nets- not just hang them back up when you get the out of the machine- mine are always fine- windows over radiators so dry quickly and never need ironing.


Hope you can enjoy the rest of the week.

Dry here so i have been out clearing the garden- now have a mountain of garden waste to get rid of but hubby has the car a work and the tip shuts in 20 mins... have to wait till tomorrow.



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I never iron nets either, a thankless task at the best of times!! xD Hope your nets can be salvaged!!


My half term has mostly been dedicated to trawling through and clearing up sick!!icon8.gif


First it was my 1 year old, then 7 year old, then 1 year old again!! I need some wellies!! The school had it quite badly before Christmas and then it reached us in Preschool, looks like I have taken it home for half term!! Better puke than SEF though!! :o

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I never iron nets either, a thankless task at the best of times!! xD Hope your nets can be salvaged!!


My half term has mostly been dedicated to trawling through and clearing up sick!!icon8.gif


First it was my 1 year old, then 7 year old, then 1 year old again!! I need some wellies!! The school had it quite badly before Christmas and then it reached us in Preschool, looks like I have taken it home for half term!! Better puke than SEF though!! :o

Your poor children and poor you!


Puke/SEF, Puke/SEF no can't make up my mind which is the more attractive option!!!



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Am hoping you're referring to the nets and not a particularly sever tummy bug hali! :o



Thought the same.....you just beat me to it Maz!


me.. well been slowly emptying the kitchen.. without lifting anything heavy!! So far doing Ok.. having new kitchen fitted in 2 weeks ...............taking me ages though!!!


Oh and now I can drive again car has dead battery and husband away.. so still stuck at home....... could ask neighbours for help but think what's one more week in the grand scheme of things!



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My half term started well enough.


The luxury of time to do all those jobs..... cleaning on top of the fridge, in cupboards, in cutlery drawer etc.

Even started to sort this back room of ours which houses my work and my husbands and my degree stuff..........

Sorted stuff I will need to make a start on the next 2 modules for college....


Today I take 2 of my cats to vets for vaccinations and end up having to book one in for operation!!!!!!!!!!!! :o


Rose who isn't even 3 yet has bad teeth!!

Which will get worse and cause her pain / possibly ulcers and absesses if the are not removed!


My other 2 cats who are sisters have lovely teeth.


Poor Rose has been on the same diet but vet feels she has genetically bad teeth!!


Then I have to look for insurance documents to see if cat dental problems are covered by my pet insurance and I can't even find Rose's paperwork!


Had to ring Sainsburys in the end to get a policy number and such like!!!




Guess what I will be doing during the Easter break??

Yep nursing my baby Rose!


Ah well.............. tomorrow is another day..........

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Guest MaryEMac

So far this week I have been baking stuff for my grandson's 9th birthday party, trying to cope with the tinnitus that has come back with a vengeance and today have visited an elderly cousin with alzeimers. I felt as tired after an hour and half with her as I do after a whole day of playgroup.

Tomorrow is the party which I have been told I must attend, 30 nine yr olds. :o

The SEF is still sitting on my desk !!!



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It's so reassuring to hear that other people are having a half term similar to me. Well it was all planned children to my mum for a few days, husband and me away in lovely hotel, peace and quiet, some adult time and completely away from the awful time I have had since being back at school.

Then last Monday youngest child starts being sick and is sick on and off all week but appears fine and recovered by Thursday. Friday morning she wakes up in agony and visit GP who says yes its a virus going around, give calpol and should be ok unless her temperature gets higher. Friday night visit to out of hours dr at local hospital as temperature does get worse and told continue with calpol etc. She is tired Saturday but drinks lots of water and temperature comes down.

Sunday we wake up and she is sick again but this time its green ( sorry for detail) and so we visit local hospital again and this time we get sent to bigger hospital half an hour away and are kept in until Monday pm. They thought it might appendicitus as she kept getting pain in one side but eventually decided it's a virus that has caused all her glands to inflame and hence agony in tummy so we are home and she is tired and being given calpol every 4 hours and gradually encouraged to eat and to drink lots.


In between time my husband postponed party for older daughter which was planned for Monday pm and now have to rearrange that and he cancelled hair cuts planned for Monday. So this morning I ring hairdressers and make appointment for older child only and we go into town to get hair cut. Whilst waiting in hairdressers I notice little visitors crawling round her head and then have to explain to hairdresser, postpone again dash to chemist, come home and treat her hair and then finally get it cut this afternoon.


So now my Mum has said she can't have younger child but will have older one as it would be best for younger one to be with me and recover. My husband and older daughter are going up to Lincolnshire tomorrow and coming back on Saturday. He will stay in hotel for 3 days rather than drive back in between and then he will have a nice relaxing time. I am staying at home with 8 year old and will have no car as the other car went to the garage on Sunday and isn't coming back until Thursday evening.


Feel stressed as was really looking forward to some time for us and girls were excited about being with their Gran. I should have been in Tanzania teaching for 2 weeks but that was postponed when I hurt my knee so all in all not a great time!!!


Take care everyone and enjoy half term I guess it can only get better


Nicky Sussex

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I too, have not had the holiday I had planned, my 7 year pld has been up even earlier than normal it was 4.20 the other morning and no he will not go back to sleep but he is quite happy to watch tv if i keep him company!!!


we have all had coughs and colds.


On saturday my 10 year decided that not being allowed anything else to eat was not on so he threw the phone at me fortunately it hit the side of my glasses- it had time out for that.


yesterday we had a really nice day, we had some friends over great lots of playdough even fo the 10 year olds as long as it is black.


Then when they have gone my 10 year old wants to go over a neighbours, i say no as they have company i don't like so he takes him self off to his room and next thing i know he has jumped out of the window( downstairs bedroom) and gone over in to their garden. so I resisted the urge to go and get him, but when he did return sheepishly I ignored him for the rest of the evening, i made his tea but i did not engage with him. right or wrong, i was so cross that i did not actually know what to say.

this morning he could not find his DS! funny that I let him look for it for a while and then let him know I had put it away ( he never missed it last night as he is not allowed on it after tea). he has it back now .


apart from that it has not been to bad a holiday!

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WOW Phil you are so controlled! I wish I could be so calm with my 10 year old. So far this holiday we have argued about her going out with ridiculous amounts of make up on, whether she should get a shower, whether she should wear a coat....I could go on but I'm sure most of you have the picture by now. Basically if I say yes she says no and vice versa. I should really learn to say the opposite of what I want but it doesn't come naturally.

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Spent all weekend clearing out drawers and cupboards and for some strange reason felt the need to clean everything. Must be trying to get ahead with the spring cleaning!

Yesterday we had a work team building day at a local environmental centre. Wasnt looking forward to it at all but turned out to be great fun - building dens and making campfires and just being a bit silly!!! My 3 boys went to holiday club, much to their disgust. When I dropped them off I felt soooo guilty as I have never left them with anyone other than friends and family. Turns out we all had a wonderful day.

Been fishing on the canal with them today (to ease the guilt). Only caught one fish between the 4 of us so I dont think we're up to living off the land just yet.

And for the rest of the week? Profiles, learning journeys and lots of reading - just been promoted to SENCO at work starting after half term so I need to know what I'm doing (or at least LOOK like I know what I'm doing).

Going to take the rest of the week as it comes, nothing planned really. Peace and quiet would be nice but I cant work miracles. :o

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Goodness - sounds like everyone's having a right old time of it! so far I've got a bit of the next half term planning done - minibeasts - thank you forum for setting me off. Had a good chinwag with daughter who is home for the week, went up to edinburgh yesterday to see uni son (no lectures till 4) and we went to the zoo where we were bit disappointed by the lack of giant anteater who is apparently now in belfast - my daughter's favourite animal. Unfortunately the chips I ate were obviously not gluten free and in spite of the fact I took a piriton just in case, I've had a 'reaction' so I'm staying near the loo today.


But otherwise it's been restful so far

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Oooh! Can I come live with you? :(

Oooh! Say yes, say yes!


went up to edinburgh yesterday to see uni son (no lectures till 4)

But what time did you meet him though Cait? If it was only ten to four then I'm not so impressed with your tolerance levels! :o


That was bad, even by my own low standards... xD

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I'm not really having a good week :o

My nans been very ill in hospital and unfortunately died early this morning so feeling very sad and tearful.

I've got to get myself together as I have an interview at college for the Early Years Foundation Degree this afternoon, but at the moment I feel like my brain has left and is floating round somewhere !

Hope I can string a few comprehensive sentences together at the interview otherwise I will be re-applying !

Oh well, life goes on as they say......


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