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I dont check my voicemails very often, partly because I never notice when I get one. So imagine my shock, surprise, delight (and annoyance that I hadnt noticed sooner) when I hear a voice saying 'please phone me back, I'd like you to tutor a creativity course'. :oxD:(:(:(


I had to tell you lot, I knew you'd understand, you just cant imagine how excited I am. :wacko:

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Great news Rea, being headhunted shows that you have the gift to deliver xD

What a lovely subject to tutor as well, expect to hear all about it, as I'm just a tad green with envy. :o



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Sue R, dont you dare try a somersault or cartwheel, I will not be held responsible for any injuries. :(

But if it wasnt for the arthritic knees I'd be doing them too xD


It is a lovely subject Peggy, if it's the one I think it is, it's actually 'creativity in the early years', which is something I really believe can be the basis of telling us everything we need to know about a child.


The down side is that I'll have to give up one of my supply posts, I've only just started there but I had a good feeling about it. But still, me tutoring, so chuffed.

Your good wishes are well recieved everyone :o

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Congratulations Rea - what were you saying about getting a new job as part of your New Year Resolution?


Just finished a study topic on Creativity with the OU - I guess creativity covers just about all the curriculum then! What fun!


Having read your creative posts over the past few years - seems to me they got the right women!

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OH. MY. GOD. :(


Details of the course have arrived along with the other tutors ideas on who should do what.

I was quaking in my boots and honestly wondering if I could do this, when I thought, 'Of course I can, I can go to the lovely people on the forum and I know they'll help'. xD


So. Watch this space ladies and gents. Your brains are going to be picked, but I'll put it all in seperate posts so I dont scare you off too quickly :o

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wow l am so jealous, what a lovely opportunity. Congratulations rea :):)


I love creativity in the Early Years i wish i was in your authority so i could go on the course.

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