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We are making contingency plans for potential future closures. One of the things we'd like access to is free podcasts and webinars. I know the foundation stage forum have them, I've got YouTube on my list as well as childcare.co.uk. 

Could anyone let me know where else these things could be accessed?

Many thanks

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Podcasts are a great way to get some CPD (thank you for mentioning the FSF one already!) 

Early Education have a couple: https://www.early-education.org.uk/podcasts

Another nice one (and very topical) can be heard here: https://evidencebased.education/podcast-archive/

Great thing about podcasts is that you can get staff to listen to them and then it can be covered by a discussion after. If you use Tapestry, you could the use Reflections as an area to discuss the podcast. I believe hyperlinks are being added to certain areas on Tapestry which will make linking to specific podcasts a lot easier. 

If you have any other podcast suggestions, I'd love to hear them. 

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3 hours ago, louby loo said:

I feel I have to add- I'm only talking about 1 or 2 a week, not for all the normal working hours! xDxD

I shall check out psla :) I aways forget about them.

PSLA do Educare training free for members.  Some of the training is really good.


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43 minutes ago, smudge65 said:

PSLA do Educare training free for members.  Some of the training is really good.


Yes, I've had a look this afternoon :)  

I did the speech, language and communication one.  Didn't take very long, but there were a few basic reminders of good practice. 

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