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Changing name of the setting (rebranding)

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i have posted this elsewhere on the forum too so please feel free anyone to remove the duplication - I was just hoping someone may get to read and reply - thank you ūüėä


We are looking at changing the name of our nursery (rebranding) to better reflect our ethos etc.

When we purchased the business some 15 years ago as a preschool (which has since become a nursery) , we kept the previous preschools' name out of local respect,continuity in the community etc.

We want to keep everything as it is - staff/ offer etc but want to change our name -last inspection with Ofsted graded good in 2015

Has anyone else done this? What are the implications? Would we have to completely re register with ofsted even though absolutely everything would be the same apart from a name change/refresh/rebrand? (Building,all staff etc offer and so on all exactly the same)

Obviously  I would not want to close in the interim either - just rebrand. I have wanted to do this for quite a few years but have just not got round to it but feel now is the right time and actually an important factor in our future sustainability also.

All comments and help gratefully received!

Thank you

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I'd be surprised if you had to re-register, but the only way to find out for sure is to contact Ofsted and ask them.  We had to re-register when we moved, but obviously that was a different building.  We didn't have to close though, just went from one registration to the next with no break.  Let us know what happens.

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Many years ago (about 10) we changed our name from playgroup to preschool. Just notified Ofsted , who sent us a new registration certificate, and Charity Commission. But I would ring and ask Ofsted as things could have changed.

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If it is just a name change i.e. the premises remain the same, and the management team is the same, then is should be sufficient to tell Ofsted of the change. I can not see a particular regulation to cover this scenario.

I would be tempted to include a reference to the previous name on some of your literature for a while as a footnote. For example, Snickers (formerly known as Marathon). 

In my case, the setting is called one thing, but is owned by a differently named company which holds the registration ... so we have ... <Company Name> trading as <School Name> on some of our literature.

Don't forget that if you change name then you may lose some of the search ranking on Google etc ... so another reason to keep a link to the old (even if it is massively down-played).


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