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Hi Littlevillage,

I can see this is your second post in the forum so welcome! Hopefully you are enjoying using it so far. :)

We've just moved your post from the Webinars section to the Tapestry user discussions area as we thought it would be beneficial for other users to see this conversation. 

I'm afraid we can't give an exact date of when the care diary will be available on the app, we will keep you updated with any news or progress with this though.

Best wishes,


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Hi, I have just come back after a 9 month break, and I was excited to see the Care Diary. However, I use a mobile or tablet in the day. Is there any more news on the Care Diary on the app? I have checked out all the functions, it looks like it would meet my needs, which is great!  It would save me using my homemade paper diarys, but not if I cant access it in the day on my mobile as I do for my Obs, I wont bother starting with it, if the lead time is months/years off, as I suspect the families I work with will not access it on the website.  Thanks for any info :)

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Hi jenny_hodges,

First of all, welcome to the forum and welcome back to Tapestry!!

Unfortunately, we still don't have a time frame for when the care diary will be available in the app, but as my colleague mentions further up, this is something we will definitely be adding to the app at some point, as we can see how useful it would be for both settings and parents to be able to access it quicker from the app. 

You can still access the Care Diary from a mobile device or tablet by logging in to the browser version of Tapestry though - the site is 'responsive' which means it will adjust to the size of your screen making it easy to navigate!

Best wishes,


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I'm pleased to let you know that this feature is now available for staff to use on the latest version of the Tapestry Android app (4.2.0), which should be downloadable from the Google Play Store. We are also working on giving parents access to the Care Diary via the app on both platforms, but it's not yet available for parent users unfortunately.

After you’ve updated to the latest version, please see these guides to use the Care Diary on the app:

Please let us know how you find it and if you have any problems using it.

If you only have iOS devices, I'm afraid that the update isn't yet available for apple users, we're still working on this. If this is the case please let me know if you'd like to be contacted again when the same update is released for iOS in the future.


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