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Hi everyone,


Would appreciate if anyone was willing to share their salary brackets for staff at different levels(Deputy/ Room Leader/ Nursery Nurse). I am just reviewing our staff salaries and recruiting so want to try and ensure our staff are paid fairly. It seems new staff are coming in with expected high salaries. Thank you.

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Are you looking at wages for the private sector - day nurseries etc? We are committee run term time only pre-school. We basically start at the bottom on min/living wage for unqualified and then add 50p or £1(if really lucky) for each level up eg level 2, level 3, then deputy, then manager. The new funding rates may affect this!!!!!!!

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I am currently working in a pre-school as a 1:1 SEN worker and have been asked to become the SENCo for the setting. I am qualified and was the SENCo at my previous setting. I was the supervisor and this was many of the roles I took on that was included in my supervisor's hourly rate. What is the hourly rate that is paid for a) a 1:! SEN worker and b) a SENCo in, say Oxfordshire?


Any advice would be appreciated.

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This might help, we pay the same basic rate for 1:1 as they would have been paid depending on age/qualification normally, our 1:1 funding per hour is often a little more but certainly not enough enough to pay the on costs of DBS, safeguarding and any other training, uniform or the holiday pay they are then entitled to so you are 5.6weeks pro-rate holiday pay down already :-(

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