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working out term time pay.


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Interested to know how others work out term time staff pay. I have a member of staff starting next week. She will be working 31 hours per week, 38 weeks per year on £8.00 hour. I will spread her payments out over the months so will have a annual figure divided by 12 equal payments.

I have the figure £10,564.80 divided by 12 = £880.40 a month. Anyone with a different figure? :huh:




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31 hours per week @ £8p/h = £248.00 p/w


If she works 38 weeks per year (term time only) £248.00 x 38 weeks = £9424.00 total


She should qualify (depending on start date and how you do it) 21 days per year for holidays


We usually let staff take these days paid out of term so an additional 21 days x 6.2? = 130.2 hours x £8 = £1041.60


OR they can take them during term time to reduce this additional amount, if possible or mix it up.


I worked out the 21 days from using the usual 28 days from a full time 52 weeks allowance.. and knowing that 38 weeks is 3/4 of 52 weeks.. simply mulitplying 28 by 75% = 21 days


Depending on days worked ie Mondays, for example they will off for Bank Holidays and also some Fridays of course although we find that only 1 Bank Holiday (not inc XMAS period) fall within the 38 weeks out of term.

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