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  1. basic online safeguarding course??

    http://www.noodlenow.co.uk/ourcourses/#tab-id-3 These are good?
  2. Additional Hours

    Yes, this also happened to 2 of our children. It is because they did not "sign up" before the end of August. Even though their codes are eligible from 4th September, the funding is now not available EDIT: if your parents did sign up before the cut off date, and if your portal works like ours, you might need to do the Eligibility Checker by searching for the child and then re-entering the NI number, then submit.. and then see if the additional part is available for that child within the forms..
  3. FAQ from DfE

    This is the most interesting part for me. The DfE state that, a LA can refuse to fund a provider who does not accept these requirements. It is fair enough that a provider who fails to meet the level of care expected should lose the funding (although how Ofsted make some of their judgements is questionable) and this should be a condition but what else are the LA going to expect from providers and add into these agreements?
  4. Guide for parents?

    You could start here https://30hoursfreechildcare.com/?page_id=108
  5. inset days

    It must have been a long week before I wrote my last post here!! I have just re-read it back and realised I made a massive error in hours :unsure: :wacko: :blink: Anyways - Moving on.. I did not know about the Bank Holidays are not needed to be given. That is interesting and hopefully we do not get any more BH's.. like said, Corbyn has no chance of winning! Does he.? :wacko:
  6. inset days

    Sounds good GFCCCC and if Corbyn wins the GE we can add another 5 bank hols into the mix.. happy days. Isn't it funny how from LA to LA the information is so very different. Children are entitled to 570 hours or 1140 hours per year, if 30 hours already. If we divide 570 by 38 we get the 15 hours per week entitlement. During these 38 weeks we have a few bank holidays that children do not attend.. usually 2 BH I believe? May Day being one.. can't quite put my finger on the other? Anyway at least 1 BH.. So really, we should be offering this 15 hours back? Having 5 extra days = 75 hours of more lost hours.. that's 90 hours and is becoming a large chunk of the 570 hours entitled. Don't get me wrong.. I am all for it but... I think you see my point?
  7. I don't think it is a viable option to ask parents to collect a child for an hour.. although it works in theory, how many working parents could do this.. or make arrangements to do this? if a setting down the road was offering a better service, they would be stupid to not take it, just for convenience reasons, over anything else including what is the best education or experience for their child. Practically it is a bad idea in my opinion.
  8. Invoicing for additional charges within 30 hours

    I think we have established that we can give parents the choice before signing an agreement of childcare.. even if they are funded only, we ask them to fill out a prospectus and it is the same forms for all parents. We however, do not charge for additional services like meals etc at this time. We just fit lunch in when most funded only are not in for this hour When the 30 hours begins, we have decided to not charge for lunches even though we have lost an hour per hour, from our funded rate! The reason is due to high competition in our area and not wanting to lose children. Also we are slowly but surely changing our business model to compensate. Let me explain this £1 per hour loss. In our LA we used to get £1 extra per hour to employ a QTS or EYT.. so for many years we obviously did this. Unfortunately due to the cuts we have had to let her go - Although we have needed to replace her with a lower qualified member of staff. We have therefor needed to compromise our quality to stay viable.. and I am sure this is something many provisions have needed to do We don't make the rules!! We have also had to reduce our Baby room numbers to increase our toddlers for future continuity.. luckily we have had a large number of toddlers wanting to start with us over the last few months. Although our rate has reduced to just over £4 per hour.. we feel it is workable. Although we can't pay our staff a deserved rate of pay (wouldn't that be amazing?) we can make the £4 per hour work and more so when the 30 hours begins. Although I agree we should get more and be able to increase the quality of our sector, I do not agree with the huge outcry of poverty stricken nurseries seen on some Social Media pages or groups. Anyway, I will leave it there.. this thread is about Invoicing and charges.. sorry :unsure:
  9. Invoicing for additional charges within 30 hours

    This doesn't need to be so difficult. I have never been given an invoice from my school for dinner monies or trips etc. I am usually given a letter regarding the amount owed for trips or if I forget dinner monies, then usually a text! This might be different from LA to LA of course! Maybe Schools will start to invoice in the future due to this, I don't know?! As long as parents are made aware of the additional charges BEFORE they sign a contract. If an invoice is given, then it would just say "Additional Service Charge" and the amount for this charge. Otherwise it is going to take a lot of admin hours to amend many invoices each week.. if this might be required!!!
  10. Qualification Query

    As I understood this, it is only newly qualified staff that had this requirement.. not staff who already qualified before the changes occurred. I also thought the GCSE requirement had been replaced with only requiring functional skills once again?! I am so confused right now?!
  11. few questions about tapestry

    Ok, thank you very much that is very interesting. I suppose what I need is a tutorial on how to best use Tapestry or some ideas of how other settings use it.. because with it having the ELG's available to choose, each observation, one or a few of these ELG's are selected each time.
  12. In the moment planning and Tapestry

    I am also very interested in hearing about this and how other settings work this... so thank you.
  13. Early Years Capital Fund Grants...

    Is this the information you wanted to know? http://eyfs.info/forums/topic/47595-anyone-else-awaiting-30-hours-capital-funding-decision/ Sorry.. I noticed you are aware of that thread by your comments I am guessing if you want to know if anybody got their money yet Sorry
  14. few questions about tapestry

    Helen thank you for your comment, it is appreciated and I do understand what you are saying.. although I don't agree entirely. The reason I don't agree with it entirely, is because the Development Matters do contain Early Learning Goals and if this is the guidance that Reception teachers are using to assess a child, and these are the ELG's "expected" then this is surely why we aim to secure children in these Areas of Learning or in particular ELG's? I have said all along it is guidance, but this is the best guidance we have. If we do not secure a child in earlier "expected" Areas of Learning, then it could mean that we miss something that a child is unable to perform OR that they was not given the opportunity, and this could then impact later "expected" goals. This would be less obvious in areas of PSED or Communication rather than Physical and hence, the reason we assess children, is to make sure they don't have any problems in any aspects of their learning or abilities. Yes, it is nice to see if a child is achieving more than expected but I feel it is more important to get a child support for areas they are struggling in. It should become obvious to practitioners if a child is struggling and we shouldn't need to rely on data, but isn't this what Tapestry is for, to help? So now, back to Tapestry and the purpose of this thread. And I do understand your approach from what you have written above however, and like mentioned earlier, it is not always obvious. If the data being inputted into Tapestry is accurate then we can get data out that is useful. It is how this data is collected that is in question here. I was not necessarily questioning this, I was wondering how Tapestry would best display this data.. so it is accurate. As for; restricting a child, by not assessing them before they are secure in the earlier guided age band, yes I agree with this in some ways and to add on to what I mentioned earlier about spotting possible problems, I feel a child will always be strong in certain areas of learning regardless of if we plan to advance them, due to their natural ability to learn when in child led activities or free play.. I don't think they necessarily require pushing. Again, practitioners should realise they are doing better than expected in these areas and support them further in a natural way. Again this might not be as obvious in certain areas.. but I don't feel it is as important as supporting children who are struggling or who might or do require SEN.. this can be argued of course! To summerise and to hopefully get some resolution to this.. Tapestry is amazing but only if it is used correctly. If we are to rely on Practitioners to know each of their children's strengths and weaknesses then I think things could get missed. The only way to get the data into tapestry is for Practitioners to enter it. IF they should be entering the correct Refinement for each area of learning based on their own knowledge. Do we even need to select the Early Leaning Goals?
  15. few questions about tapestry

    Also to comment on the quoted part.. it must be the settings I am using that outputted the data, to show a child who had done very little in 30-50 band and only one thing in 40-60 and resulted in the data showing her to be emerging in 40-60. I am currently changing the settings to test. It is best to secure a child in an earlier age band before moving forward.. thus foundations are in place. I do agree that some elements of the learning goals in different bands cross over etc. and again this is me using the "goals" as a tick list. In my opinion, this the only way Tapestry or any computer based application, can be used to show data.. ie a robot will only do what it is programmed to do.