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Today's news - (Save the Children report)


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I took offence at this when I saw it on the news this morning. I am manager of a very happy, busy and successful pre-school and we also send children to school who are school ready. I really do not know what extra difference a qualified teacher would make to these children. The highest qualification in my setting is level three and that includes me. Now I have nothing but admiration for people who have gone on to do higher qualifications but it really makes me cross when the media make out that the rest of us are failing in our duty to these children.

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Well I see this as:


a). The 'let's not give these people fair funding because they are not doing a good enough job' campaign.




b) The 'let's get ALL children into school' campaign!


Utter trollop!


Mind you.....our feeder school's idea of 'school readiness' is: They ALL write their name, numbers, know how to add and take-away on their fingers and have a good knowledge of Phonics! (btw this isn't in the Parent Handout on School Readiness) We are mostly 'working towards...........'

So, if all schools are expecting that level of Readiness then I for one am not achieving the standard!


I see it as schools not achieving desired results so........blame us!

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