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Which Bank do you use?

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Hi I have a business bank account with Nat West. They are increasing their charges fro sep so have started to look around to see what others are offering.

metro seem to offer free banking if you stay within certain limits which I think we may be able to. Does anyone use metro or can you recommend your bank?

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I use HSBC for work and have always had a very good service - just changed ownership so had to set up a new account and it was done very painlessly. With my other hat as treasurer for my sons motox club we use Barclays and they have been a nightmare - lots of problems transferring nominated people etc. HSBC was free banking for 18 months

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I used Santandar and they charged £7.50 per month, the only free banking I've found is Co-op

now that is weird - I had a letter a good while ago talking about charges coming to business accounts, but they have never charged me! I never even got into the heady world of paying in too many cheques, ??100 per month I think would have brought charges. Don't know why they haven't charged but not saying anything!!


Yes Co-op are supposed to be very eco conscious etc. and Unity Trust

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Thank you. Hadn't thought about coop. Will try them.

I am a Ltd company so the charity options are not for me. But thanks it is good to know there are options.

had been happy with Nat West but new charges are just going to make it impossible to continue.

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We're with Lloyds, for geographical reasons as we have a branch 5 minutes slow stroll from preschool (they also have car parking which is handy when drawing out lots of small cash as the float for the summer fair!).


They're pretty easy to change signatories with too (son's Scouts is with Barclays and I agree with hopeytg that they're a nightmare for changing signatories with, but luckily I'm not the Scouts treasurer so now I'm a signatory all I need to do is sign the occasional cheque).

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Oh Lyanne... I hadn't even thought about how much hassle changing signatories is going to be this year ...it's been bad enough every year with a local branch of neat west that knows everyone, that is now gone it will be a nightmare, we are able to pay into the post office but I doubt they can do signature changes....does anyone know ?

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