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Are there any hidden cost to tapestry?


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We are looking into signing up to tapestry, it is one of those things that looks to good to be true. Having looked into the different packages out there. Most do what tapestry does but the costs are so much higher, It makes me think that maybe there is something I am not getting.


I guess my questions are:


Is it as good as it seems?

Apart from your annual payment are there any other costs?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Zenstedman, and welcome to the Forum -


What you see is what you get with Tapestry. Choose the size of package and that's your annual subscription cost. The only other cost would be if you were not a member of the FSF (cost £20 plus VAT for individual members. But I see you're a LA member so they already pay that for you.


We will need to put the price up over the next few weeks, but it won't be revolutionary. Costs are rising due to the slightly scary rate at which weavers are uploading videos and photos, so we need to cover ourselves for that. :1b

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Tapestry does MORE than most of those other packages, from what I can see. Without additional cost, so you don't have to upgrade to the next level for more than two tablet users, or for parents to have access, or for fabulous, user-friendly reports. It's been created by the lovely people here, who will get back to you quickly with any problems you run into, and will listen to any ideas you have about making improvements.


It's just brilliant, and I really miss using it! The only downside to retirement so far!

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I'm getting a lot of very positive feedback about it from my students, who are unaware that I'm on here. One used it as the basis for a presentation about how her setting communicates effectively with parents, and others just tell me how much they like it when we talk about the observation, assessment and planning cycle.


I'd love to have had something like Tapestry when I was running my nursery, but it came too late for me, alas.

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You had better start to upgrade the Tapestry servers , i don't want it to slow down under the stress of all these new users :P


Tapestry should become the universal tool for all settings and schools.. with the upcoming 30 hours funding it would make information sharing so easy and accurate. Although i do believe it can export or import to and from different softwares?? I have yet to use this function.

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