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I recently started a new job in a new Pre-School which i love :-). i found a couple of weeks ago my reference that is in my file from my old boss and its awful and all lies. My old boss was a bully and was really not a nice person. Lots of parents had left the setting during the time i was there due to her unprofessionalism and her rudeness to them. She would call parents in if there had a concern and tell them that there wrong. she treated children differently and one child she was horrible to because she did not like her mum. she use to discriminate against me because my writing is not great and spelling is not great. The reason im writing on here is because my new boss is absolutely lovely and cares about her staff and children :-) but she does not know i seen my reference but i really want to let her know i seen it and have been advised from an old collage that i should send it to the committee and asked for a true honest reference written by the chair of the committee as this one is full of lies and awful. i dont think i can be brothered to do that but i am really worried how it has reflected to my new boss.

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Leave it. Your new boss obviously liked what she saw in you and ignored the reference. Be glad that you are in a place you like, working for someone who likes you. ( and of course, you might have to explain exactly how you saw your reference, which I presume was meant to be confidential??)

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Your new boss obviously saw something in you at interview that she liked, so I'd focus on being the best I can be and forget the previous boss.


There are some pretty horrible people around, best thing we can do is rise above it, karma will get them in the end ;) :1b

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