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Just need a little vent!!!


Honestly if I hear stop running! one more time I may crack up, also staff walking about outdoors with their hands in their pockets policing the children! here's a crazy idea why not engage in something meaningful with the children!


I'm on the verge of asking some staff if they even like children or if maybe a different career would suit them


:( feeling like a rubbish deputy manager ooer

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We say walking feet indoors but outside I can't imagine telling a child not to run. Inside we have an allocated space for free movement to music with instruments so when they start to get too physical we direct them to this space. It's very important to me that children get enough physical exercise inside and outdoors.

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The children helped make visual signs for indoors for our ' rules' which has helped , we also say walking please not stop running, outside the children should be able to run , jump etc and staff should be supporting and role modelling and getting involved , I too have. Had this same issue but a few stern words , role modelling to staff has definitely paid off and our new garden has helped . It is important too that it is explained or children given the opportunity to say why they think we don't run indoors .

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