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Another Visit from Mrs O!

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4 visits in 3 years is beyond a joke!!! On the positive the staff and myself are now so used to Ofsted visiting we are all relatively relaxed!

We received another visit yesterday - my fault as I said at the staff meeting last week 'it has been too long for Ofsted to visit re the complaint in July' - I had to eat my words when the doorbell went yesterday!

Fortunately we had a lovely inspector who was very thorough but fair - Prevent, Safeguarding and how we link assessments to next steps and then planning were prime areas of questioning. She said the visit was unannounced due to the complaint in July although it was never mentioned again. She did look at our Complaints log so I can only assume that my records of the incident were sufficient to answer any questions.

Happy to answer any questions to help anyone waiting for the dreaded call.

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Hi Hopeytg


Poor you having so many visits in such a short time! Well done sounds like it went well.

We are due OFSTED any day and I have never had the pleasure of this before!! Just have a few questions about next steps as I'm not sure we are very good at this. What did she ask about next steps? What do you do? Was she happy with your answer?


Thank you ever so much X

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Littlemissgiggles, be sure you are confident you can explain how you identify your next steps, plan for them and then evaluate. We do use Tapestry but most of our next steps are actually from the keypersons observations/gut instinct - we have a weekly staff meeting where we discuss all the children's next steps as a team - she liked this.

Zigzag - unfortunately two due to malicious parent complaints - call me cynical but the system needs looking at.

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Glad it went well for you today hopeytg - We had ours today, and like you we had a lovely inspector.


Ours just asked if everyone was aware of Prevent, and if they had all done the training. I said yes and we talked more about the actual training process rather than the content.

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She asked each member of staff their understanding of Prevent and what we did to share it with the children - my answer was that not a lot has changed as in my opinion it is basically equal opportunities, children's voice etc and then what we would do if a child didn't attend the setting without explanation - also the fact that we know our families so well was picked up on.

Something she did that has not been done before was to check everyone's first aid certificate - always taken my word for it before.

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