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Photographs on christmas performances - social media sites


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Hi All,


I wanted to know what people's thought were on this issue.


I use to work within this establishment but recently left, my child still attends the setting. Anyway they had their christmas performance and parents were informed that photos can be taken however not put on social media sites.


After the performance I took a picture of my child and her best friend together, no other children were pictured in the photograph. I asked the parent of the child if she is happy for this to go onto Facebook. She gave her consent.


I have now been told to remove the picture from my Facebook page by the establishment.


However I don't think I should as there are no other children in the picture and the other parent gave consent.


What are your thoughts on this ?? I'm I missing something here ???


Hope you all are winding down to the end of the christmas term....




Happy Christmas.

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We tell parents they need crop photos or to seek permission if other children are in photos. So in your case as long as the other parent was/is aware we wouldn't have a problem.


We have a lot of parents that are close friends/relations (before they even start with us)- and when doing our concerts we try to ensure these children sit together for this very reason.


I hate facebook with a passion - but even I have come to realise that times are changing and we need to be a little flexible.


I do read the riot act about what will happen if group photos are uploaded with out permission etc........ HOWEVER to be honest I really wouldn't know as I never use it :o :lol: :lol:


We are [currently] very lucky that all our children are able to have photos taken and shared in local papers etc.

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Thanks for the reply.........


The photograph was taken after the performance and all you can see in the background is the radiator.


I have cropped it to ensure its just the photo of my daughter and other child.


I do understand the dangers of putting photos up that have other children in the background etc......and would never do this.


I clearly consented with the parent in the first place before putting it up, wish she was happy with.



Have a lovely Christmas



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Our blanket policy for any images or videos taken within the setting are that they are not to be uploaded on to any social media sites. So in this case we would also ask for it to be removed The other alternative is to ban any photography or recording which we don't currently do, but I know of a local school to us that has done just that which is sad..

To have this policy in place enables us to safeguard children at all times irrespective of whether you have any at this moment in time.

It also safeguards the staff whom may not wish their images to be placed on any sites either. If people really wish to share have one printed off and give it as a gift.

Happy Christmas wishes from me too. :)

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I don't see as a setting how I can stop this any longer.....and to be honest i'm not sure I want to. At our nativity for the first time we had NO parents wanting a photo shoot because they all did it on their phones....it is so easy from there to share it. Don't know if any of us can really police this any longer.

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We have just held our christmas show today and i told the parents that they were not allowed to take photos and videos but that we were recording it and uploading it to our online system which we already have permission from every parent to share things on. They were welcome to take photos after with santa. If you have permission from the other parent then i don't see a problem with it.

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